Angelina Jolie Stuggles To Overcome Anorexia

Angelina Jolie Stuggles To Overcome Anorexia

Angelina Jolie is struggling to overcome her apparent anorexia and reportedly wants to put on 10 pounds before her wedding this summer.  Angelina’s problem is not biological – she has no physical disease that prevents her from gaining weight.  Her problem according to Brad Pitt is that she just won’t eat.

Since Brad and Angelina made their engagement public on April 13 all speculation points to a summer wedding in France for the happy couple.  But Angelina is very sensitive to media buzz and she has been picking up on all the recent talk that she is ‘too skinny’ and possibly anorexic.  With every available paparazzo camera expected to be on her and her A-list wedding guests when she makes her marriage vows to Brad, Angelina wants to look healthy.

So the couple have asked their good pal and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to help fatten her up.

The Daily Star reports: “Angelina has decided she’d like a more shapely figure when she weds Brad and is hoping to gain ten pounds. Brad and Ange have asked Jamie to suggest some recipe ideas for them.

“Ange never cooks so Brad’s now knocking up some English dishes like shepherd’s pie and sausage and mash.  Brad would love her to have curves like she did when they met on ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ in 2004.”

“Jamie has been to Brad and Ange’s home numerous times. They have a similar sense of humour and are all down to earth.”

Sounds like a brilliant plan – Brad in the kitchen cooking and Angelina chowing down traditional plebeian British food… ya right!  As if Angelina Jolie is going to be sitting down to a plate of bangers and mash.  What do you think?  Do you see Angelina getting over herself and eating normally?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Knuckleheadskank

    are ya’ll nuts wi5t this ri8dic’ article???!
    wtf ..
    ain’t nobody marryin this vicious dirty skank.GET REAL !

  • disgusted

    frigging home recker

  • ElizabettaV

    I love that the first two people who commented were clearly illiterate and lacked the ability to spell correctly, comprehend the article, or finish a sentence. I hope that Angelina can beat this and overcome her eating disorder, I’ve been there and it’s never easy. To those who are still going on about her coming in between the marriage of Brad and Aniston, no I don’t condone cheating. However what was the likelihood of a marriage in Hollywood lasting anyways? And how is that everyone but Aniston seems to be going on and on about? Yes Jolie did a bad thing does that however does not make her a bad person. 

  • im kk

    I feel sorry for the children! She is unstable and has mental issues! The only up side is that she does not look after the children so the nannies may have a positive affect! She needs help! By the way, she looks horrible being so thin!