Anne Hathaway Pregnant?

Anne Hathaway Pregnant? 0715

Anne Hathaway may have to let out that skin tight Catwoman suit because sources close to the star say she is expecting her first child with fiance, Adam Shulman. The couple drew attention to Anne’s much talked about midsection of late when they hosted a dinner for their parents last week. Apparently Anne was just acting way too excited (and somewhere James Franco is smirking with self-righteousness).

The source told Radar Online, “Not only did both Anne and Adam have their parents at dinner with them, which is unusual, but the amount of enthusiasm and excitement made it clear that they were celebrating some major news, and while everyone else sipped on wine at dinner, Anne didn’t drink any alcohol, which is an indication that she could be pregnant…. It looked like there was a bump on her belly. Anne and Adam are already engaged, so the only other good news could be a baby on the way!”

Are we going to have another Natalie Portman situation on our hands? Is Anne going to show up at all the award shows this season in tacky maternity duds? Anne’s more of a fashionista than Natalie, so I’ll give her enough credit to assume she’d show up in cute, stylish maternity gear – but maternity dresses all the same damn it!

I actually kind of believe this story. Anne’s at that age. Her career is smoking hot and she could bag an Oscar this year for Les Miserables. Why not throw a baby in the mix? God forbid we delay a year and stagger the goodness in our lives. The only upcoming movie she’s got on her plate is Rio 2 and Anne’s baby bump won’t get in the way with that. It looks like she set aside time for this little family venture. Do you think she’ll get married first? God I hope not. If Anne won’t give me impeccable award show dresses she can at least give me a beautiful, high fashion wedding gown.

And if she has the baby first she can always rethink the wedding. I haven’t always been behind the Shulman romance and still have my fingers crossed for a Hathaway/Leonardo DiCaprio thing. This baby might ruin my plans! Oh well, congrats to the happy couple. Anne will be an adorable neurotic mother. What do you think about Anne’s baby news? Is Adam the right guy for her or just the guy she needs right now?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Inc. – Santa Monica – CA – U.S.A.