Does Anne Hathaway Have The Worst Taste In Men?

Does Anne Hathaway Have The Worst Taste In Men? 0622

Anne Hathaway is riding a career high this year with two blockbusters set to release, but the charming actress’s love life is a bleaker story with her ex-boyfriend professing his love from afar and her current fiance verbally abusing her at home.

Anne’s jailbird ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, is finally out of prison for wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, but instead of retiring gracefully to Italy after he was thrown out of the country, he’s instead flapping his gums to People magazine about his mistakes and his famous ex-girlfriend. “We were talking about marriage,” Follieri said. “I was very much in love with her. I thought my life was over. But I learned to survive by focusing on getting through one day at a time. I’m not a saint. But I’m not the devil.”

No, you’re not a devil. You’re just a greedy douche who’s namedropping Anne for some sympathy.

But if Anne thinks she’s going to get any sympathy at home, she’s mistaken. Star magazine, print edition, reports that Anne’s fiance, Adam Shulman, is not too pleased about her new hair style and work ethic and has begun berating her in front of their friends.

“Annie and Adam have been bickering a lot recently,” the source confides. “It all started when she went on those radical diets for Les Miserables. They made her moody and irritable, and it really caused issues for them.”

And that’s not all: Adam hates her new haircut and frail figure, the source said. “He loved her long, brown hair. He’s going around telling people his fiancée looks like a sickly little boy.”

With Anne so body and work obsessed, suddenly all talk about kids has also halted.

“He’s really upset, because they were on this family track and now all Anne can talk about it work,” the source explains. “Adam was trying to be nice to her, but she’s not exactly the girl he fell in love with anymore.”

First of all Shulman, you’re like one small step higher than Kevin Federline so you need to step off Anne. I have no doubt she’s paying for your lifestyle right now with all that work so the last thing she needs to hear are your disparaging, ungrateful comments.

She really knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t she? Look, I’m irritable as all hell when I’m eating clean too so that’s understandable. But I bet Follieri’s release has a lot to do with the recent squabbling. How could it not? She ran too quickly into that relationship. Maybe Shulman’s a great guy, but I just never understood the appeal or the hurry. Her career is out of control right now, and she’ll probably get an Oscar nomination for Les Miserables. It’s everything she’s worked so hard for! She should enjoy it, but it’s like you can’t have too much good in your life at one time. These men are driving her crazy while the world is fawning all over her. The earth has to stay balanced in some way I guess.

I would just love to see her with another A-lister, wouldn’t you? I’ve always thought she and Leonardo DiCaprio would be perfect, except he doesn’t date girls with a BMI higher than 15 so that rules Anne out when she’s not starving herself to get into her Catwoman costume. Who would you like to see her with? Let’s try to play matchmaker!

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  • Adam never was the boy Anne thought she fell in love with. An art thief, petty drug using hoodlem with an eye towards landing the big fish. Yet there is the old good girls falling for bad boys. Adam is probably more worried about living in Anne’s shadow. Ah did I mention his tendency towards violence… Of course there is the honeymoon period after the abuse, that makes a lady think the guy is truly repentent and that the serpent words “I’ll never do it again.”

  • leup

    why does anne hathaway loves fugly men ? WHY ? WHY ?