Bad Girls Club Tanisha Thomas At War With Natalie Nunn

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Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club season 2 is furious with Natalie Nunn who was on season 4. The two have been having words over Twitter for some time now. Tanisha has a new show, Tanisha Gets Married. She gets married and shows most of the details before the ‘bad girl’ and her fiance Clive Muir get married.

Tanisha invited Natalie to her bachelorette party where Natalie does what she does best – gets out of control and makes a complete fool of herself. She attacked everyone including bridesmaids. Natalie had to be physically restrained following her outburst.

If you watched Natalie’s season of the Bad Girls Club you know how out of control and over the top she always was with her famous “I run LA” drunken rants. She was recently married to Jacob Payne. It was filmed for the TV show Bridezillas. I feel sorry for Jacob and I’m sure their marriage will be nothing but a drama-filled bad girl mess.

Tanisha has tried to turn her life around after being on the show. Every time you hear of Natalie doing anything it’s always promoting a club or party in a skimpy bikini. Have some class or a little respect for your husband. She also had another fight with another bad girl, Flo.  She wasn’t all that much of a bad girl as her bark was worse then her bite. But she’s going to get in on some Natalie-like drama herself. Florina Kaja also did a show where she got married – what a treat!

We’re going to have to wait to see the whole drama-filled party until the new episode where Tanisha gets married on June 25 plays on Oxygen.  Tanisha was also crowned the the ultimate bad girl from fans voting on the Bad Girls Clubs facebook page. Bet that was a slap in the face  to Natalie Nunn. Someday maybe she will see she doesn’t run anything but her big mouth.

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