Basketball Wives Show Down Between Tami Roman And Kesha Nichols

Basketball Wives Show Down Between Tami Roman And Keisha Nichols

These chicas threw down and I mean between Tami Roman and Kesha Nichols, I mean it hit the fan.  I just finished watching it and it was not anything that I heard, maybe editing but I don’t think so.  Tami was asking Keisha what she had said about her and Keisha said that she did not remember what she had said.

But it was caught on tape – Kesha! She said “I would tell Tami something but since she is already embarrassing herself I’m not going to say anything”, this was said to Royce and Suzie (who is a known snitch) this was when Tami was correcting her on something else she said, (Kesha shut up!).

Well it ended up with Kesha walking away from the table without her pocketbook, stupid!  Tami confiscated the pocketbook in order to get an apology from Kesha.  Tami is a big bully as we have seen. It didn’t work, Kesha called hotel security and what ensued was a mini showdown in Kesha hotel room with Tami and the crew.

Kesha, of course was crying and looking like a little girl, even though she is in her thirty’s, and after she asked for her pocketbook back from Tami she got her pocketbook back.  Now my problem is the same as Tami’s now that I’ve seen it, don’t talk crap and when it gets back to you, you cannot say that you said it.

You know what – an apology goes a long way, but a denial will last way longer.  Just say what you have to say and it will all be quashed, then you don’t have to end up a crying and being a pitiful mess.


  • Gklll

    Wow, you are a complete ass and obviously did not see the same episode the rest of america did ….go read the VH1 Blogs

  • Laurendimple

    This was beyond ridiculous if Kesha means nothing to Tammi why is she so concerned about what she said they are not even friends these are ADULT “AGE” women so what if someone says something about you let it roll off your back we have to pick our battles somethings are not that important if they were in high school I would understand but as an adult, you approaching someone saying “you was talking about me thats a mess you can clearly see the girl was afraid and not going to own up to what she said leave it alone Manni I mean Tammi cause thats what that big wide back look like a grown ass man she is miserable and Evelyn and Shawni should have been woman enough to say look Tammi you taking it too far and you need to stop. The dead fish is not funny and if someone did that to Evelyn or Tammi all hell would break loose.  

  • NYC2KC

    Tammi is a bully.  Tammy’s comment about Keisha’s name was about race – without going so far as to say “you don’t look black enough to have a name like Keisha”  How is that not malicious.  Oh, and it’s ok for Tammy to use her childhood trauma to act like that, but it’s not ok for Keisha to explain where her hurt came from?  “could have gone off on Tammy” and “I am going to go off on Tammy” aretwo totally different expressions.  Even when Keisha was trying to get to know them, Tammy interupted and said she did not like her line of questions; like WTF?  How else do you get to know a group of people wthout asking how long have you known each other?  Tammy was looking for a target and she found one.  She is an insecure bully who needs a little more than anger management.  Susie is a mess, because it was not too long ago that she was ducking and dodging Evelyn.  Not everyone has to beg for freindship.  I swear the only way you could hang out with them is at a cage fight or something.

  • Newwyorkbound

    Wow. You are an idiot and obviously condone bullying. Read the vh1 blogs…heck read every other blog! It’s obvious that Tami is in the WRONG.

  • Kesha (a.k.a. Casper the scary ghost) should stop talking trash if she’s just going to run. How can Kesha claim that Tami’s a mess without admitting that Evelyn’s a bigger mess. Oh, but I forgot, Kesha likes Evelyn. I’d rather be yelled at by Tami then have a bottle thrown at me or someone jumping on top of a table to attack me or even spoiled fish in my room like evelyn did. Yet Kesha keeps Tami’s name in her mouth. Kesha’s a sneak and her target was going to be Tami even if Tami hadn’t said “you don’t look like a Kesha”. What better way for Kesha to gain relevance, then to create an issue with the shows star. I see through Kesha, it’s not hard as light as she is, she’s practically transparent. Claiming she’s a black woman, I wanted to scream at the tv ” your bi-racial not black. Why can’t bi-racial people own the white like they love to claim the black. Who does that? I’m mixed with Indian and have always been ask “what are you” I have always owned the Indian part of me aswell as the African American. Kesha needs to see someone for her insecurities. I have been told I look like those indian’s with the dot’s in the middle of their forehead. I didn’t take that as those people trying to say I wasn’t black enough. People just speak freely sometimes. Kesha also had an issue with Suzie’s perversion. Kesha needs to loosen up.

  • Ashaley1

    I feel bad for Kesha. She’s one of the nicest girls on the show and unlike Meeka she’s not running around telling lies and putting her foot in her mouth.Tammy is always discussing Kesha with whomever she wants to, but it becomes a big deal when Kesha does it. What Kesha said about Tammy to Suzie and Royce was true and well deserved especially after the way Tammy treated her. Tammy looked like a fool as usual, trying to tell a grown woman not to talk behind her back and it wasn’t like Kesha was saying bad things about her. She was going to Evelyn for advice to try to figure out how to deal with Tammy which is what started the first argument. I don’t know how kesha  didn’t confront Suzie. Suzie is such a snake if she feels like she’s in an uncomfortable situation then she needs to remove herself not stay and run back to snitch. Suzie’s so scared of everyone that she feels if she runs back to snitch she’ll stay on the good side but eventually it’ll come back to bite her. Suzie had the nerve to act like she was helping Kesha get her purse back but if she really cared she would’ve stepped in well before it got to that point. Kesha needs to cut suzie back. Evelyn and Shaunie were dead wrong for sitting back letting a  so called friend and friend get to that level then trying acting like they were coming to her rescue in the end. Kesha needs to open her eyes and realize that if they were really true friends of hers they would’ve calmed Tammy down.