Believe It! Justin Bieber Concert Dates Announced

Believe It! Justin Bieber Concert Dates Announced 0523

Justin Bieber’s “Believe” tour dates have finally been announced! You’ll be able to see the pop star singing his new hit “Boyfriend” starting September 29 in Glendale, Arizona and ending January 26 in Miami, Florida.

Bieber’s been making the rounds doing the press to generate heat for his new album and concert. He stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today to announce the tour and also give every member in the audience tickets to go see him perform. Bieber was also generous to Ellen who he gifted with a Letterman-style jacket similar to the one he’s been sporting. Is it just me or do Ellen and Bieber have the same hair cut? The funny woman couldn’t let Bieber go without razzing him a little bit. She posted a picture of Bieber and girlfriend, Selena Gomez, making out at the Lakers game and asked, “Do you ever get to watch the game? It doesn’t seem like you are watching the game!”

Have you seen the pics of Bieber and Selena at a basketball game and he’s looking bored and texting while Selena’s actually watching and getting all into it? Some amazing people posted the pics on the internet with the caption that reads, “Don’t bring your girl to the NBA. She’ll just get bored and text anyway.” Haha, it’s super cute and makes me like Selena so much more!

Pre-sale tickets will be offered by American Express May 24th through May 31st and general public tickets go on sale June 1st. But for you Beliebers who are part of the Justin Bieber Fan Club — tickets can be purchased today, May 23rd at

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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