Ben Affleck Puts Down Jennifer Garner and Motherhood

Ben Affleck Puts Down Jennifer Garner and Motherhood

I always kind of believed that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have an ideal modern marriage. They both still work and you see them out together with all three of their little ones. It has looked like a pretty good balance. Ben works more and Jen undoubtedly gave up a fabulous career to focus on making motherhood her first priority. But then, that’s what women do. I liked the idea of Ben being in the parenting trenches with her more often than we realize, until I stumbled onto a snippet from a new interview with Ben. He dishes to Details magazine via Celeb Baby Laundry about the perils of fatherhood in general saying,

“I don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. Work is very important to me. I like to work. But I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them. Anytime you think, ‘I’m wasting my time here,’ the first thought you have is, ‘I could go home and be with my kids,’” he says. “Now, you may go home and be with your kids and very quickly start thinking, ‘I wonder what’s on the work front?’ I am not very present in the rest of my life. My wife’s very patient. She does everything,” he shares. “If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever.”

Just wow. So many fathers would give body parts for the opportunity to pick and choose their work, in order to spend more time with their kids. Ben really sounds like it is a chore and when he is home he admits to not being very present! Why keep expanding the family if it’s so tedious to actually simply BE with them?

We see lots of family photos of them all out together which makes me wonder, does Ben step out with Jen and the kids because it’s a photo opportunity that will endear him to the fans? Does he do it just to feed the happy family image that he has worked so hard to ensure?  I mean, if it’s hard to be at home with your little ones then taking them out in public is usually worse!

Are Ben and Jen the real deal or did she give up an awful lot just to prop up her husband’s career?  Tell us your thoughts below!

Image Credit: Details Magazine

3 responses to “Ben Affleck Puts Down Jennifer Garner and Motherhood”

  1. ScotiaGirl says:

    Go read the whole article, this is taken out of context. Ben says he loves to work but that he DOES pick and choice what he works on and that it has to be something worthwhile to him for him to leave his family. He also say WHEN he is directing a film, which is only 2-3 months out of a year, he is consumed by it and that Jennifer has to pick up the slack, but he means that during THAT time he is consumed with it, not the whole year. Read the article people in its entirety these snipets are pulled to do exactly what you are doing jumping to conclusions and creating the exact opposite of what he said.

  2. Lisa Schaper says:

    Maybe you should read the Details Article before you go making comments. It is shear laziness on your part, Cait Meighan, to take out of context quotes from “Celeb Baby Laundry” and base your opinion on that. I actually had the exact opposite opinion you did because I actually read the article FIRST and then I’m reading all these quotes pulled from it, and believe me, it gives you an entirely different vibe.

  3. Phyllis Venkataya says:

    You said it first, disgusting is not my word, but for public sense it’s the best one thus far. He is not anything but a typical man. If it had been me
    I am not sure giving up your career would have been the thing I would do. Everyone takes turns 5th make life balanced. Affleck is not that person. Divorce? Who cares? Jen searched for “the best man she could find to give her what “she wanted at the time.” Foley would have been the man I chose, not Afflect, now she’s got what she wanted and winning because he is out and she is in stuck at home. Heck, neither one offer much anymore. Now Jennifer Lopez…is hard working, talented, RICH, and beautiful. She made more than dig bat Affleck, we all know men threatened by women who make more than they do…Affleck couldn’t handle “her” fame. Good riddance!