Beyonce And Jay Z Expecting Another Child – Sibling Rivalry For Blue Ivy Carter?

Beyonce And Jay Z Expecting Another Child - Sibling Rivalry For Blue Ivy Carter?

Beyonce and Jay Z just got through having the biggest name baby ever – Blue Ivy Carter – but according to MediaTakeOut once is NOT enough and Beyonce is already trying to get pregnant again.  There was so much buzz surrounding Blue Ivy’s birth that it seemed just a wee bit overdone.  But of course that is just this writer’s opinion… and that of Blue Ivy’s grandparents who told Beyonce and Jay Z to shut up about the kid.

Is this new baby news true?  Well a source claims that Beyonce and Jay Z are actively trying to get pregnant and are committed to large family.  Why not – after all many people question whether Beyonce really gave birth to Blue Ivy.

Supposedly the Carter family want a son to complement Blue Ivy and the insider says that Beyonce might already be pregnant!!  Will wonders never cease…

MediaTakeOut reportsjust got word, from a VERY RELIABLE INSIDER that Jay Z and wife Beyonce are ACTIVELY TRYING TO GET PREGNANT right now!!!  The insider, who asked to remain anonymous, tells us that Jay and Bey are both “committed” to having a large family, and feel that since Bey will likely take the REST OF 2012 off to raise Blue, that it makes sense to drop another baby this year.

And we’re told that the married CARTERS are actively trying to make Blue a brother . . . In fact, our insider claims that Bey may ALREADY BE PREGNANT!!!

Will Blue Ivy be expecting a brother soon?  Let us know in the comment section below.  Which child will be more famous?  Can The Notorious B.I.C. handle the competition?

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11 responses to “Beyonce And Jay Z Expecting Another Child – Sibling Rivalry For Blue Ivy Carter?”

  1. so she couldn’t get pregnant a surrogate has one for them and now she is pregnant

    • Skylar says:

      She didn’t have a surrogate , Because if she did why would she have a surrogate with the first child but not the second child? sounds weird .


  3. Rosanna says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me, how can she be pregnant with a second when she was never pregnant with a first? Her first baby was through a surrogate, plain and simple. Since announcing her pregnancy on national TV, her baby bump took on various shapes and sizes, and even appeared to collapse completely during an interview on an Australian TV show. What’s the big frigging deal anyway, bitch can’t just tell the truth?

  4. Helen Brown says:

    Why will Blue, Grandparents let Jay and Bee to shut up.  Beyonce mother is helping out.  Beyonce’s father is happy and proud of his Grand-child.  Do you think we are animals?   And it’s only you that enjoy your family?.

  5. Angie says:

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that Beyonce was pregnant? Nobody said anything about Mariah, Alicia, Jennifer, or any other star. So why is everybody trippin about Bey? Yall people need to get a life.

  6. key key says:

    So beyonce is pregnant again??

  7. matasha says:

    yall are so rude why wuld yall post something about her carrying a baby doll shes a grown woman not a child!damn

  8. deb wilkin says:

    wish she’d just embrace the surrogate idea again- but admit it this time. I’d much prefer not to have to go thru the whole celebrity pregnancy thing- its agonizing for everyone,what with the is she or isn’t she, the is it a boy or girl, then the endless weight conversations, and the stress to lose it postpartum and get back to normal in less than a week……