Beyonce Now Wears A Mustache

Beyonce Has A Mustache

While Beyoncé Knowles was giving a speech to the United Nations recently someone took a picture of her with a “special high-definition camera” and the picture just so happens to show that Beyoncé has a mustache!

Apparently it’s so bad that the homies described that she had a, “FULL MUSTACHE!!!” So I decided that I myself would look at this picture and give my own thoughts and I did, to be honest it’s pretty disgusting. Not even my mustache has grown in that much yet and that makes me pretty jealous.

Rumor has it that many fans are saying that this picture had to be photoshopped, which seems highly unlikely to me. Who in their right mind would only give Beyoncé this little sorry excuse of a mustache? Nobody – if someone were to photoshop a mustache, it would be an amazing one similar to your stereotypical biker. Basically, Beyoncé’s fans just have to suck it up and realize no one is perfect and not everyone looks good in a mustache.

Maybe Beyoncé just got lazy and didn’t bother with waxing her upper lip, but as Hope Carson at celebs gather points out, that is unlikely with a diva like Beyonce. And let me tell you, that there is nothing fun about waxing! I had my back done and it was worse than getting stitches, it’s as if your back is being peeled off like a banana. I can just imagine the pain you’d feel if it were done to your upper lip.

End of the story, Beyoncé probably woke up and had a little case of the, “I don’t give a crap today”, or Jay-Z secretly has a fetish for a little hair on top of the lip that he kisses.

One response to “Beyonce Now Wears A Mustache”

  1. tart1 says:

    who cares? is everyone so perfect that all they have to do is pick people apart for entertainment? this really doesn’t warrant the heading of “news”