Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 5 “You’d Be Surprised” Recap 10/14/12

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 5 “You'd Be Surprised” Recap 10/14/12

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of Boardwalk Empire called “You’d Be Surprised.”  On tonight’s show Eddie gets an offer he can’t refuse thanks to a visit from Chalky White and his right hand. Margaret hands out fliers again for her health class but is halted when she walks in on Nucky and Billy shopping together. Gillian club is in financial trouble while she refuses to accept Jimmy’s fate.  If you missed last week’s premiere episode called “Blue Bell Boy”, we have a full and detailed recap here for you!

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 3 episode 5 episode of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

On last week’s show with Johnny Torrio out of town, Al Capone took matters into his own hands in the escalating feud with rival Chicago mobster Dean O’Banion. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Nucky and Owen found themselves in an unexpected holding pattern in a makeshift warehouse for illegal booze, and Eli did not trust Mickey’s judgment on a liquor delivery for Arnold Rothstein in the boss’ absence; and in New York, a nervous Luciano was called to a meeting with Joe Masseria.

HBO’s official synopsis of tonight’s show: After venting with Nucky about his liquor travails, Rothstein sends Gyp an unequivocal message in Tabor Heights. In Washington, Gaston Means sees opportunity in a Senate investigation of Harry Daugherty and the Justice Department. Billie gets a new co-star to revive her faltering show; Van Alden and Sigrid receive an unexpected visitor; Gillian worries about keeping her business afloat in Jimmy’s absence; Margaret has Awkward moments at the hospital and, later, at Madam Jeunet’s.

On tonight’s show Eddie gets an offer he can’t refuse thanks to a visit from Chalky White and his right hand. Margaret hands out fliers again for her health class but is halted when she walks in on Nucky and Billy shopping together. Gillian club is in financial trouble while she refuses to accept Jimmy’s fate. Nucky thinks Rosetti needs to go, but Rothstein doesn’t want a war in New York. Bugsy pays Gyp and his men a visit killing all but the intended target. Van Alden is pursued by a federal agent and calls in a favor when things get messy.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 5 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Boardwalk Empire season 3, so far!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens at with Gyp with two prostitutes and one is straggling him with a rope as he has sex with a women.  She does not keep straggling him but he insists and passes out.

Eli is tells Nucky and Arnold Rothstein what happened.  He tells them he tried to stop Mickey.  They lost 11 of Nucky’s men.  Arnold asks Nucky if there is another route, but Nucky tells them no.  Eli tells the men between the mud, ice and the law it is more than they can manage.  Nucky thanks hm for his input.

Nucky wants to discuss their options.  Arnold asks how long Nucky has known Gyp.  Nucky tells Arnold that Arnold was the one who introduced him to Gyp.  Arnold asks to speak to Nucky in private.  Arnold accuses Nucky that he runs his business like a drunken shop owner.

Arnold tells Nucky that he has failed to deliver what he promised and he is not going to start a war in New York where it matters.  Arnold tells Nucky he is not taking care of his business, he is chasing a girl (Billie Kent) in New York.  Nucky calls him a weasel with a good poker face.

Arnold comes out and asks Charlie (Lucky Luciano) to leave with him, they have other business.

Owen asks Nucky if there is anything he has to know.  Nucky asks what time is Billie’s rehearsal and asks Owen to take him to the house.

Van Alden’s co-workers tell him that his boss wants to see him and then they joke the feds finally caught up with him.  He goes to see his boss, the bureau of internal revenue called and his boss wants to know where he worked before.  Van Alden claims he owned a wheat farm in Minnesota.  His boss tells him his tax form was incomplete and it is his responsible.  He gives Van Alden (George) a card an fed who met him in a speakeasy left for him.

Over at Gillian’s place  Leander tells her that she is running her business at a loss.  She wants him to help get her a loan.  Leander tells her to ask her partner, but Lucky Luciano, her partner does not have the same vision as her.

Gillian wants to put the house up for collateral but Leander tells her she does not own the house her son Jimmy does.  Gillian needs to declare Jimmy dead before she will own the house.  Gillian does not want to do that.

Margaret is having someone read her advertisement for her new clinic with a lady.  Owen shows up with Nucky, Nucky tells Margaret he has business out of town.  Nucky has stopped by to see if his family is okay.  Margaret asks if they will have bodyguards again and Nucky tells her it is just a precaution and it will make him feel better.

Secretary Andrew W Mellion is appearing before a committee for the Justice Department they want his view of Prohibition.  He tells them the cost of policing the policy is high and they are not getting enough money.  The committee lets Secretary Mellion know that they intend to call Daugherty too the committee as well.  Secretary Mellion leaves the committee with the impression there is widespread corruption.

One of the members of the committee comes out and blabs that Secretary Mellion is giving up his boss.

Nucky is watching Billie practicing and he is jealous of the man practicing with Billie.  Nucky really has it bad for her.,

Van Alden is at home and his wife tells him both his children are napping.  Someone comes to the door.  Van Alden does not answer it, he goes to the door an someone slipped a card under the door it is the fed he met at the speakeasy.

Van Alden sits his wife down and tells her he is not who she things he is.  His wife already knows he is not and tells Van Alden he took them away to help their family.

Over at Margaret’s women’s clinic, Margaret is there and the doctor is lecturing the women who attended.  They did not have quite the turnout they expected.  The doctor apologizes to Margaret for misjudging her.  A lady shows up and Margaret tells her the class is over, the doctor tells Margaret it is his fiance.

Nucky is with Owen – Nucky knows that Owen is nervous.  Mr. Kessler comes in, Billie Kent is there.  Owen leaves, Billie is upset  because Schubert is closing the show.  Nucky offers to speak to Schubert but Billie tells him not too.  She keeps hearing her fathers voice saying, “Always on the move, but going nowhere fast.”

Gyp is at the diner with Arnold Rothstein and Lucky.  Gyp tells them he does not like Nucky’s attitude.  He apologizes to Arnold for the comments he made at Nucky’s party.  He offers Arnold alcohol at the same price that Nucky is offering him.

Gyp tells them that tomorrow 600 cases of whiskey are coming in and they can sample it for themselves.

Nucky is having dinner with Eddie Canter and he offers fives him a bottle of vodka.  Nucky tells Eddie Cantor that he wants him to co-star with Billie in her show.  Eddie has commitments and he has given his word and does not want to break it.  Nucky wishes Eddie luck as he leaves.

Meyer is breaking open Buddhas that are filled with heroin while Benjamin files numbers off guns.

Margaret is giving out flyers for her new health clinic.  Margaret goes into Madame Jeunet’s she asks her if she can leave her flyers.  Madame Jeunet is trying to get Margaret out of her shop.  Nucky walks in from the back carrying a dress and then Billie walks in behind Nucky.

Nucky introduces Margaret to Billie, but Margaret knows who she is.  Margaret gives her a flyer and leaves with the comment, “I doubt you are free in the evening!”

Over with Eddie Cantors Dunn and Chalky show up.  Chalky says that he is unable to attend Eddie show because he is not allowed in.  Eddie tells them he will get them in his New York show.

Chalky and Dunn asks Eddie to perform now and Eddie gives them a chair.  They tells Eddie to make it funny.  Eddie starts to sing.  Chalky and Dunn are sitting glaring at Eddie and he is very nervous and then he stops and says, “Tell the son of a bitch, I will do it!”

Gaston tells Harry Daugherty’s man about what is happening in the Justice Department meeting and what Secretary Mellion is saying.  Gaston suggests that Harry put someone in jail.

Nucky comes to visit Margaret – he wants to speak to her about what happened at the dress shop and he wants to apologize for his bad form.  Margaret asks Nucky if Billie is in need of rescuing.  Nucky tells her she is capable and Margaret tells him that is not a role he usually likes to play.  Nucky says maybe he has changed and Margaret says so has she.

Margaret does not want him to look in on the kids and he suggest she ask herself some practical questions.

Van Alden gets home and Agent Coglin is with his wife.    Van Alden asks the agent if he intends to extort money from him.  The Agent remembers who Van Alden is he is the one who sold an iron which was total junk.  Van Alden’s wife thought he was there to arrest him and she slams him in the head and he falls to the floor bleeding.  Van Alden tells her the agent was not there to arrest him.  He takes his handkerchief and he tells his wife to avert her eyes and he smothers the injured agent while his wife holds the agents feet.

Over at Gillian’s house – the girls tell her it is quiet.  Gillian tells the girls to go on the porch and attract some customers.

Gillian is writing to James(Jimmy) her son about how difficult a time she is having with expenses, how much she misses him and she begs him to come home.

At the women’s clinic – it seems they have lost one attendee since the previous night.  The ladies tell her it is difficult to take the class during the evening.  They tell her it would be easier during the day.

Margaret then finds out the doctor is called away for an emergency, Margaret decides to do the class.  The sister who is monitoring the class is not pleased.  Margaret just ignores her.

Van Alden shows up at Dean O’Banion’s flower shop.  He tells Dean he needs his help, he has to dispose of a body.

A paperboy comes to see Gyp Rossetti, not his usual boy,  and they send him upstairs.  He walks upstairs and as he gets upstairs he shoots the man outside Gyp’s room.  Meanwhile, Gyp hears something and he is naked, tied around the neck and tries to get loose.  The paperboy (Benjamin, Meyer’s boy) goes in Gyp’s room a naked Gyp has managed to put the women in front of him.  The boy (Benjamin) shoots the women and tries to shoot Gyp, he misses.  He leaves and starts to shoot everyone in the house.  Benjamin runs out of the house.  Meanwhile Gyp walks around naked and sees all the dead bodies.

Over with Nucky, Billie asks Nucky what he did to get her show restarted.  Nucky tells her he did nothing and her father does not know what he was talking about.  Billie goes upstairs to get on the stage and sees Eddie.  She thanks him.  Eddie says, “Lucy Danzinger, ever heard of her?” Billie looks blankly at Eddie and he says, “The next one won’t know you either!”

Owen comes to see Nucky who is watching Billie and Eddit practice.  He tells him there is word from Mr. Rothstein, four fatalities and none of them Gyp Rossetti.