Brad Pitt Concerned That Angelina Jolie Craving Old Days Of Affairs And Drugs

Brad Pitt Concerned That Angelina Jolie Craving Old Days Of Affairs And DrugsAngelina Jolie was flirting openly with gay icon Tilda Swinton as she apparently got drunk at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Brad Pitt was shaken and upset – concerned that Angelina could be craving her old days of drug use and affairs – like the one she had with actress-model Jenny Shimizu 15 years ago. Although often thought of as Hollywood’s most glamorous couple, Brad must have his worries these days since this behaviour on Angelina’s part comes along with stories that she slept with Johnny Depp while the two were filming The Tourist.

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In Touch reports that a family friend says:  “She was downing glass after glass of red wine.  Brad even caught her sneaking sips from a bottle of Grey Goose vodka hid under the dinner table.”

This must have freed up Angelina’s already free spirit and led to the overt attention she paid to Tilda. Brad was less than thrilled with the combination booze and flirt fest.

According to Globe Print Edition – Feb 20, 2012 eyewitnesses and sources:  “They had a huge fight when they got home.  Angelina told him he was just being jealous and that she can whatever she wants.  Angie was all over Tilda like a gushing fan.  They were practically nose to nose for most of the evening, whispering and giggling tot he exclusion of everyone else.”

“Angie was very touchy-feely. At one point, she took a huge swig of her red wine, licking her lips sexily, and hung on every word Tilda said.  Angie seemed to be turning on the full wattage of her charm and Tilda was clearly lapping it up.”

A close friend of Brad’s says he is furious – “he knows Angelina always had an eye for the ladies and though Tilda’s straight she’s a massive gay icon.Angelina’s always been spellbound by Tilda and her kinky lifestyle – she’s told Brad she has a school-girl crush on her.”

What do you think – is Angelina trying to bust out and get back to her wild days? Or are the tabloids just trying to sell magazines? The truth is probably a bit of both.

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4 responses to “Brad Pitt Concerned That Angelina Jolie Craving Old Days Of Affairs And Drugs”

  1. Eliof3 says:

    Who cares!!!

  2. trashyragru says:

    Well since you asked what I think, I think you should get a life.

  3. Menard says:

    You wanna know what I think? I think a blog that regurgitates the most vile baseless slanderous tabloid around, which has smeared and slurred Angelina for years, is just piling on. I also think Angelina is pretty obvious in her devotion and loyalty to brad Pitt and her family, and inferring that she’d hurt or betray him in any way is laughable. I think it’s all an effort for their haters (who are still clinging to their old tattered team Aniston shirts) to malign what this couple has and who they are, out of pure jealousy and spite because they envy them everything. I also think this will be the last time I set foot on this toxic site, and I’ll make sure all my followers do same.