Angelina Jolie Slept With Johnny Depp Says Vanessa Paradis

Angelina Jolie Slept With Johnny Depp Says Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis hates Angelina Jolie. Why, because she blames her for ruining her de facto marriage to Johnny Depp by sleeping with him during filming of The Tourist. Now it all makes sense – Angelina Jolie has admitted to cheating on Brad Pitt as we reported here on Celeb Dirty Laundry – and now we know with whom! Furthermore, it has been widely reported that it’s all over but the crying between Vanessa and Johnny and that they are living sad and separate lives.

We reported here on Celeb Dirty Laundry one month ago that Vanessa and Johnny were going to split up. We speculated at that time perhaps it was because Johnny was having a mid-life crisis – but nobody suspected that his crisis included sleeping with Angelina. Working together so intimately on The Tourist must have proven a temptation neither celeb could resist. Johnny even insisted on cutting certain steamy scenes from the film before he would sign off on its release. Now it seems he should have done the editing on his own behaviour… .

When Johnny went to work in Venice with Angelina on The Tourist in 2010 Vanessa started freaking out about her darling man working with the known homewrecker. Just ask Jennifer Aniston about what happens when Angelina gets close to ‘married’ men… .

According to the National EnquirerAngelina Jolie is the reason Johnny Depp’s relationship with longtime love Vanessa Paradis is on the rocks, say sources. Vanessa believes Johnny cheated with Angelina during the making of The Tourist, and that’s what tore their 14-year-relationship apart!

“It’s no coincidence that things began to unravel for Johnny and Vanessa when he started working with Angelina on The Tourist last February. Vanessa was absolutely convinced that Johnny slept with Angelina, and her jealousy and suspicions ended up destroying them.”

“Vanessa was against Johnny working with Angelina in the first place,” revealed an insider. “She firmly believed that Angelina stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston and felt she’d do the same with Johnny.”

Vanessa begged Johnny to pull out of the project, and failing that, she demanded that a steamy shower sex scene be cut from the script. Still, insiders say the off-screen chemistry between Johnny and Angelina on the Venice set with obvious to everyone.
“Angelina and Johnny were constantly hanging out, cracking each other up,” divulged a source. Meanwhile, Vanessa has denied reports that she and Johnny are splitting up, but the insider insists they are, adding: “Angelina drove a wedge between them.”

Meanwhile for Vanessa’s added pleasure rumors are growing stronger that Johnny and Eva Green are making it together. Vanessa, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

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  1. guest says:

    Why don’t you try sticking your head up  your ass and see if it fits and clean the crap of your ears and STOP trying to create stupid rumors that no one will believe anyway.

  2. jdvp says:

    Tsk Tsk Tsk.  Shame on you for posting such trash. 

  3. moreBSfrombottomfeeders says:

    This site is fit only for bottom feeders and trailer trash that have no lives.  The author of this article needs to take their head out their ass and go get a real job.

    • Jody Overland says:

      Answering for my buddy Bobby – Since you are reading our site I guess you must be one of those trashy people.  Perhaps you don’t understand that we are a celeb gossip site – not the Encyclopedia Britannica – what we write however is always cited and sourced.  WE DON’T make things up.  Much of what starts as rumor ends as fact.

      • moreBSfrombottomfeeders says:

        IF you have sources name then or STFU you low life scum.

        • Jody says:

          Angelina is a man stealer – read it and weep you bottom buster.

          • Brit says:

            People are directed to this article because it is “highly cited” on google with a terribly misleading title; not because you are running a great show over here. “Says Vanessa” indicates an actual quote from Vanessa…not from a “source” as crappy as your site.
            Crapping all over the freedom of the press. Shame on you! 

      • Rollie says:

        This National Enquirer story is 100% bullshit.  If you honestly think there is truth to this story then I have a bridge to sell you. I feel sorry for you.


  4. rachel says:

    Come on ,why you have to talk about that anorexic angelina here?  And don’t make Vanessa look like a fool with this stupid lie..invent something new!

    • Jody Overland says:

      its not our lie – we are reporting the news as we find it – sorry if you don’t like what it says

      • Depp Paradis fan says:

        Only its not news is it?  It’s just a load of gossip and disgusting lies

        • Jody Overland says:

          what begins as gossip often winds up as fact – by the time it’s in the New York Times it is not ‘news’ any longer.  We pay attention and bring you news ASAP.

      • Diksha85 says:

        hahahahaha………………….u call this reporting news…and who excatly came and told u the news ??? vanessa???? since ur defending urself sooooo much all thru the comments can u name ur so called source………………………………………if u cant then this news is a piece of s$%@ and u guys are just pyschos..plz dont spread rumors like this it can destroy families. plz dont write crap like this………….

    • Rollie says:

      Anorexic Angelina? Have you seen Vanessa lately and how skinny she is? I don’t think she weighs an ounce more than Angelina. It is only fair we refer to her as Anorexic Vanessa. Right?

      • Dude says:

        angelina jolie is anorexic vanessa always was and is skinny but not deathskinny like jolie

        • Rollie says:

          Sorry, ain’t buying  it. Vanessa is just as thin as Angelina and always has been.  Anybody with good eyesight can see that. I think we should refer to her from now on as Death Skinny Anorexic Vanessa. It is only fair.

      • rachel says:

        Yes both are skinny..but you can see Angelina’s veins in her bony arms!

        • Jody Overland says:

          And that ridiculously pronounced vascularity is a consequence of taking HGH – just like Madonna does

          • Rollie says:

            So now you are doctor diagnosing medical conditions?
            There is no end to your talents.  

          • rachel says:

            What?!..I don’t know what are you talking about…you are the  ridiculous one  for saying such a big lie like that..ha..ha…

        • Rollie says:

          Yeah so big deal! You can see the veins in my arms too and I am nowhere near anorexic. Doesn’t mean a thing.

  5. guest1 says:

    To the author.  Go to Hell and take this trash with you.  Do you really think anyone is going to beleive Angelina would really say something like this and hurt her family and Johnny’s family as well?  I don’t care what gutter your “source” came from but you should go back down with it. 

  6. Jen Sanchez says:

    Ok, Angelina is a whore. She stole everyone’s husband.  I really hate her. 

  7. Guest says:

    WOW. As ou can see NO ONE believes this made-up trash. Why don’t you become decent reporters and go find the truth! Vanessa has spoken about this and it is all lies.

  8. Kate says:

    Jody I don’t know how you sleep at night. Knowing that you write such trash. These are real people with real lives and Children. Rumors destory lives and families.  As for getting your story from the National Enquirer doesn’t make you a writer. I would be embarrassed to have your job.

    • Jody says:

      and we would also be embarrassed if you had my job

    • moreBSfrombottomfeeders says:

       Kate I believe Jody and her ilk only have these  ”jobs’ because they can’t actually become journalists.  Not in the true sense of the word.  They certainly don’t appear to know what research is and the truth doesn’t matter to them.  It is sad that people like Jody appear to have no moral compass.  But I suppose in a way these people should have our pity.  I can only imagine how twisted and morally corrupt a person has to be to become a writer for a gossip paper and be proud of it.  How sad for them. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    It must not have been very good cause they looked like they couldnt stand each other at those premiers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    angie is a slut and vanessa looks like an addict and johnny is looking old as the hills. Sad bunch.

    • rachel says:

      What?,,did you see Johnny at the Golden Gloves? He looked amazing and younger..what are you talking about?

      • DoriJohn says:

        I meant in the photos I have seen of him lately he looks much older and sort of out of shape. He seems sad and  his recent  behaviour shows that something is amiss and something is bothering him.

        • rachel says:

          No way.!..Johnny looks fine and good for his age can’t deny that,Johnny even looks better than Brad Pitt..,don’t be jealous!

  11. moreBSfrombottomfeeders says:

    “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ~ John F. Kennedy

    Pretty much sums up the thoughtless scum that write for tabloid trash and those that believe what is written.

    • Jody Overland says:

      It is so comforting that we can count a wise person such as yourself amongst our readership.  Here is good quote for you:

      “Science must begin with myths, and with the criticism of
      myths.”   Karl

      • moreBSfrombottomfeeders says:

        How apt you chose a quote by Popper he was big on falsifiability and truthlikeness. 

        Although he was also big on facts, something you clearly are not.


  12. Jill says:

    What utter tosh. You should be ashamed of yourselves lying to thousands of people and creating issues that have a negative effect on Johnny’s children. I don’t know how you people sleep, you are all the lowest of the low.

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  14. Cyndie says:

    Jody, any HGH+Depp link? His veins stand out on his arms, but I know he lifts weights, too.

    Also, regarding a Depp-Eva Green hookup, if Johnny & Vanessa were separated for the last 2 yrs as the People article claims, any relationships either of them had during that time would not be cheating. Note “either.”

  15. Bobby Wonka says:

    Jody Overland, you are beyond pathetic, so is this article, and what you do. :)

    That is all.

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  17. I_am_U_r_so_we_r_all_2_gethr says:

    National Enquirer is probably THE #1 or #2 in the top 50 trash of all trash when it comes to out right Bullshit stories in the media. From aliens to Elvis , or a mix of the two together.
    They have become experts at targeting the gullible , the stupid, and the idiotic morons of society.
    The type, that will believe anything that’s in a magazine, especially with a Hollywood big-shot on the cover, because somehow -some way, they grew up thinking it was illegal to put lies in a magazine or newspaper.
    The Enquirer prays on this dumb & brainless portion of our
    world. Because it’s those people themselves that have a need to gossip, lie & bullshit everyone they talk to.

    During their lifetime they have never known true fact, so publications like this trash are like a bible to their way of life.
    To many though , The Enquirer magazine is like fishing pole.
    They put a few bullshit lines and an eye appealing picture on the cover, of one of the known gossip stories. Then place it just right at the cash register in your local grocery store , and lure in the idiots like a fish to worm on a hook.

    You can almost hear them now as they read one of the stories.
    All alone in their car, or as they sit alone in the bathroom on the thrown, they give the silent giggles or gasps, or the ooo’s & ah’s.
    Then within a few minutes of finishing it, they break out the phone & spread the news they have read, through texts and IM’s.

    The Enquirer then depends on the other dumb jerks who end up listening to that first gullible moron that picked up the magazine at the store.

    And unfortunately the amount of idiots in our world seems to be on the increase. So as long as the dumb keep getting dumber, and the friends of the dumb are just as stupid, the Enquirer seems like it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.