Breaking News: Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Success – Super Skinny (Photos)

Breaking News: Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Success - Super Skinny (Photos)

We’ve been following the Jessica Simpson weight loss journey since her baby’s birth. The actress has been working to get back to her pre-baby weight, just like most new moms dream of! But for Jessica, the clock was ticking. She signed a $4 million dollar deal with Weight Watchers but recent photos have made it look like she’s been struggling to lose the final 10-pounds!

We were also confused when Life & Style printed a cover story that showed an old picture of Jessica photo shopped to look like it was recent! The magazine changed a black dress to purple and called it her new body! That added fuel to gossip that Jessica was no where near close to her goal, and that Weight Watchers was unhappy!

We are thrilled to report photos taken of Jessica today while she went out to lunch with her fiancée, Eric Johnson, in NYC. Jessica looks amazing in a black dress and heels. Unless she has four pairs of spanx on underneath, girl doesn’t need to drop another pound! She has always been famous for being pretty busty, but she looks proportional, happy, and healthy.

The new mama and her future hubby enjoyed lunch at Café Fiorello. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in the comments. Doesn’t she look incredible? We hope that Jessica can focus on staying healthy and happy while she adjusts to motherhood, wedding planning, and revamping her career! Stay focused, Jessica, you’re beautiful!

Singer Jessica Simpson and her fiancee Eric Johnson head to Cafe Fiorello for lunch on September 10, 2012 in New York City, New York.


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