Breaking News: Taliban Threaten Prince Harry With Murder!

Breaking News: Taliban Threaten Prince Harry With Murder!

Prince Harry’s only woes might not come from naked strippers in seedy hotel rooms. Oh no, this Prince is not going to be dancing in the Purple Rain soon! According to TMZ, Harry is targeted for death in Afghanistan, says a rep for the Taliban (a rep…?)  Notice the timing of the terrorist threat – just one day before the 9/11 anniversary.  Obviously the war on terrorism is not won and far from over.  This Prince Harry Taliban threat is as real as it is outrageous.

Harry is currently on a four month tour of Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot for the British military. He is allegedly fighting Taliban insurgents on the front line, which is quite clearly pissing off the Taliban. According to their rep (erm…) Zabihullah Mujahid (try saying that thirty times in a row) told Reuters, “We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping.

During this same interview, Mujahid referred to the Prince Harry execution plans as “Harry Operations”. Aww, that’s sweet Mr. Terrorist, but do you realize that Harry has the entire British military backing him and there’s like no chance on this blue planet of ours that you will get to him? Muhajid continued in the interview and said, “We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him.

Harry, you still have so much to give to us as entertainment writers, so be safe out there with the scary terrorists and the wind and the sand, will you? We cannot fathom losing you to mean Mr. Terrorist. We forgive you for your hotel room transgressions, okay? So, just come back and save the world from a UK base, because there’s no point in getting all blown up for nothing.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the Mr. Terrorists.  It is disgusting but certain that the Prince Harry Taliban threat must be taken seriously. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William take it seriously.