Britney Spears Heartbroken as Jason Trawick Admits He’s Breaking Up (Photos)

Britney Spears Heartbroken as Jason Trawick Admits He’s Leaving Her

I wonder what someone like Britney Spears asks Santa for when it comes to Christmas gifts. My guess is that she’s not hoping for a big split from her fiance, Jason Trawick, but that looks like it could be exactly what she’s getting!  Worse yet, Brit Brit is the last to know! Jason has reportedly grown tired of their relationship and let’s face it, he was originally recruited by Team Spears to basically babysit Britney while she pulled her life back together. It’s hardly a secret that he was hired as her handler, later promoted to full manager and THEN he became her boyfriend.  Perhaps Jason has been in it for the money and sex?

Anyway, he is ready to walk away from their personal relationship but somehow seems to think that his position as her manager will remain intact. I’m not sure how that would ever happen if you were dealing with a typical woman, but in Britney’s case, okay. She pretty much does as she’s told and those meds help Jason to keep her in line so my guess is that it’ll be a big lump of pain that she’ll swallow back while Jason still wheels and deals for her.

The couple is planning a holiday trip to keep up appearances. Jason has decided not to cut the cord until after The X Factor wraps up filming. He and everyone else close to Britney believes that she’s going to have a really hard time coping and so no one wants that to play out on camera! Wise move on Team Britney’s part!

Is Jason really ready to move on to a more equal romance?  Is he sick of his baby sitting gig and feeling like he is constantly a care taker? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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