Brooke Muller Back In Rehab To Stay Out of Jail After Relapse

Brooke Muller Back In Rehab To Stay Out of Jail

I guess 19 times may be the charm for Brooke Mueller.  She is headed back to rehab again.  By now Brooke has her own room with a turnstile, in and out she comes and goes.  Now some naive people may think Brooke is headed back to rehab again to get help, but it is all about a little thing called, “I don’t want to go to jail!”

Brooke is currently on probation and a condition of her probation was NO alcohol.  Well there is a tiny problem there, when she was admitted to the hospital for ODing they found traces of alcohol….gasp…no!

So Brooke and her team (who once tried to convince Celeb Dirty Laundry she had no drug problems, I swear) devised a brilliant plan, send her to rehab and that will keep her butt out of jail.

The official line is, “Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave.”   Brooke’s attorney, Yale Galanter, told TMZ, “Brooke had no illegal drugs in her system when she OD’d last week.  Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse.”

This is just the celebrity way, when celebs screw up they head to rehab to avoid jail time.  Another case of Celebrity Justice!