Calculating Kate? Kate Middleton Using Homeless To Boost Charitable Image

Calculating Kate? Kate Middleton Using Homeless To Boost Charitable Image 0629

Kate Middleton’s taking her charity work to the mean streets of London and opting to sleep out with the homeless for one night. The Duchess of Cambridge will join Centrepoint ambassador and Loose Women star Lisa Maxwell on the Sleep Out campaign. She’s following in Prince William’s footsteps who is patron of the charity just as Princess Diana was before him. Wills slept outside with the down and out common man in 2009.

Maxwell told the UK’s Mirror that William introduced her to Kate at a party and immediantely challenged her to get down and dirty. “I work with Centrepoint and William’s our patron. We had a little do and they both came down. She asked me about sleeping out, so I said: ‘Next time I do it, you’re doing it with me. No excuses, he’s done it.’ She said: ‘You’re on’.”

Prince William got a lot out of his street visit, but it wasn’t without its scary moments. He almost got run over by a roadsweeper which kind of sounds weird since they are very loud and very slow. But Diane’s son was all about the experience! The Centrepoint website says, “He was determined to do it as [Centrepoint] patron to raise awareness of the problem and to be able to understand a little better what rough sleepers go through.”

Kate seems like she’d say “You’re on”, right? She’s so full of try right now, it’s cute. It’s like she’s desperate to show those senior royal bullies that her commonness can be an asset, even if it is a little forced. Because the most interesting part of the UK’s story to me is that Maxwell goes on to describe Kate as “very savvy and very smart.” Those are odd words to pop up in an interview about charitable work, no? I would have expected her to say “lovely and sincere” or “beautiful and gracious” blah, blah, blah. But “very savvy and very smart” sounds calculated and measured, like every step Kate’s taking is to build her image. Was Diana calculated? Of course she was. I’m not saying she didn’t care about people with Aids, but she cared about her image too – especially with all the divorce trouble, but you felt the compassion so much it made you forget about other political motives. That’s what Kate has to work on. Her facial expressions are always a bit tense and rehearsed.

But let’s be charitable! All right Kate, way to get your hands dirty and show those naysayers, who think all you do all day long is get your hair done and work out and not eat, that you care about the common man too. I like this idea, if only William hadn’t done it first. I want to see her start taking some initiative and come up with some interesting, thought-provoking ideas that are her own – like world hunger. I bet Kate can definitely empathize with hunger.

Do you think Kate’s calculated nature is a turn off or does it just come with the territory of being a royal?

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