Caroline Manzo Quitting RHONJ If Theresa Giudice Is Not Fired

Report: RHONJ's Caroline Manzo Wants Theresa Giudice Fired

It seems fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey aren’t the only ones hating on Theresa Giudice.  The cover of this week’s issue of Reality Weekly claims that fellow cast member, Caroline Manzo is demanding that the hot-headed Italian be fired pronto.  It seems all of the ladies have grown tired of the drama that comes along with Theresa – and none of it is ever the least bit positive.

She claims to be all about family but her treatment of sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, tells a different story.  Her recent fight on camera made even the most non-violent of viewers wants to see a brick hit her in the face.  She rips apart other cast members at a moments notice but remember that old saying about people in glass houses?  Her kids are living with a dad that is likely, “going away” and a mother that is a train wreck, but will be the first to wonder why they are all messed up in ten years.

The only think shocking about this cover story is that only Caroline is demanding she be fired!  Because truly, you know they’d all be happy to see her go!

Also in this issue is a story on the supposed in battling between Howie Mandel and Howard Stern on the set of America’s Got Talent.  Depending on who you listen to, there is either a world of jealousy brewing or it’s a lovefest.

Are you a Real Houswives fan?  Would you like to see Theresa axed or do you like the crazy that she brings?  Tell us in the comments below!

8 responses to “Caroline Manzo Quitting RHONJ If Theresa Giudice Is Not Fired”

  1. Reader says:

    GOOD.  PLEASE QUIT CAROLINE.  It’s too bad Caroline is Andy’s baby.  She’s not going to bring in viewers. Teresa does.  
    And is this site serious, no acknowledgment at all of how badly Teresa is torn apart week after week (going on the second season in a row this way) by her family and her former friends?  I mean, really.   Nobody’s innocent in this, but Teresa’s getting it way worse from every angle.  It’s bullying at its finest, led by Caroline!

  2. Tfredenberg says:

    Get The F Out Caroline !!!!! Teresa Is The star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Season 1 you thought you were going to be the star ! Nope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your Personality sucks and drains alot of fans that at one time did like you ! But now , I look and see you as a miserable F  k !!!! You know I’m 45  going through Pre- Menopause but I do not  blame any body else for my reactions!
    Life goes on Caroline ! I have sons and never make MENOPAUSE as a excuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Punkybrewski says:

    Nice to see that Teresa’s fans are so logical.  And mentally stable.

  4. Yeah because we all want to sit around and watch you breastfeed your 25 year old kids. If Bravo gives into you then what the viewers have been saying about them living up your ass is true and if they believe the rest of you can bring in money they are bigger fools then you.

  5. lynayn says:

    I guess you have to think like Teresa to understand her.

  6. Val Plachy says:

    I would like to see Teresa and her family off the show.  Her girls are holy terrors and her husband is a pig.  He insults everyone on the show, men and women alike.  I like seeing the normalcy of family problems that the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas and Kathy’s family bring to the screen.  There are too many shows that show the negativity that the Guidice family brings.   Let’s have one show that really shows how normal families act.

  7. Reader says:

    I love to see Teresa and Joe gone! Joe is disrespects to his wife and kid. He call her bitch and whore at on the bus! I think he racist pig! I say farewell to the losers .

  8. Keeping it Real says:

    Caroline your washed up and nobody finds you worth watching you bring nothing to the show, stop living threw your kids time to let go, let your daughter find some friends her own age and show respect to her elders nice parenting! And for Mellisa your a sneak, you do turn your husband against his sister shame on you, i’m not fooled i see girls like you everywhere just because you have a nice home dont make you perfect more like fake! I give it one more season and we will see your true colors just like we did Caroline this season, its really sad at your age Caroline. You need to take your own advice and worry about you and Dina!!!!! Not the others and there problems (practice what you preach)