CDL Exclusive: Video of Kim Kardashian in Racy Photo Shoot!

CDL Exclusive: Video of Kim Kardashian in Racy Photo Shoot!

Kim Kardashian has taken part in an exclusive (and extremely racy) photo shoot and gone retro. In the video, as can be seen below, Kim poses in nothing but lingerie, a necklace and a fur (hopefully faux, but we doubt it) coat. We have been doubling over with Kim Kardashian news the past few months and we admit, finally, that Kim is extremely hot in a photo shoot.

She resembles a classic and exotic beauty which has as of yet not been seen by the super important Kardashian sister. She is vixen-like and is pensive with her protruding mammary glands. Her face is calm, yet powerful enough to demand a certain presence and respect. It is quite possibly one of the most powerful spread of photos we have ever seen by Kim. The reality television star has experienced a career reboot after her quickie marriage to Kris Humphries ended up in a PR disaster for the Kardashian family. She has since been canoodling with rap superstar Kanye West.

We have always been extremely critical of the most beautiful Kardashian in the land, but the latest photo shoot is poetic and exuberant, even though a fur coat is worn by Kim in a nomadic manner. The short video, exclusively given to Celeb Dirty Laundry by Splash News, contains the photo spread in short, video montages. You should really take a look, even if you hate Kim more than you hate that Tooth Fairy bitch that never brought you any money.

Trust us, maybe Kim wasn’t born with it, but she’s definitely worth it. Let us know in the comments below if you think the photo shoot suits Kim or not. Do you like the newest Kim Kardashian sexy photos?

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