Cee Lo Green Admits Drugging Sexually Abused Woman With Ecstasy

Cee Lo Green Admits Drugging Sexually Abused Woman With Ecstasy

It looks like the sexual battery case against Cee Lo Green just got a little bit easier to prosecute. His accuser claims that Cee Lo took her to dinner in L.A. back in July and after having a drink all she vaguely remembers is lying naked in a bed with Cee lo nearby. She’s not from California and waited until she returned home to go to her local police. It has apparently taken months to get the case back to the LAPD and detectives there had the woman make a “pretext” call to Cee lo, basically trying to get him to talk about what went down so it can later be used in court as evidence.  According to a TMZ source,

“Cee Lo is on tape, repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) — though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink.  Sources say Cee Lo told her he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.”

The case is still under investigation and once that phase wraps up then everything will be handed over to the L.A. District Attorneys office to decide whether or not to prosecute Cee Lo.  He still maintains his innocence and his handlers point out that if this tape contained proof he would likely have already been arrested. They also insist that the accuser first tried to shake Cee Lo down for money in order to keep quiet and when that plan failed, then she went to police.  I’m guessing if that’s true then she could also be charged with extortion, wouldn’t you think?

Do you think Cee Lo drugged this woman in order to get her in the sack or do you think maybe he believed she was down for some Ecstasy before they got down for real?  Will he end up being charged or do you think since he’s a celeb this whole situation will kind of quietly disappear? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!