Channing Tatum Hates Alex Pettyfer: Report Of Massive Fight

Channing Tatum Hates Alex Pettyfer: Report Of Massive Fight

Channing Tatum got his stripper on in Magic Mike, but it seems that the ex-male model and stripper-turned-movie star, does not mince his words when it comes to his co-star, Alex Pettyfer. Why would anyone assume that Alex Pettyfer is a cool guy? Yes, he might have the looks to bring down entire governments, but fame has crept into his mousse styled blonde head quicker than an Ebola virus.

Channing Tatum doesn’t like him. In fact, he absolutely hates him. A source from Us Weekly, print edition, July 16, 2012 tells Hot Stuff, “He hates Alex. They had massive fights on set. Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he’s the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey.” Matthew is also known to film audiences as Matthew McWhatevs as heaven only knows how to spell that last name!

We take this quote to heart as we’ve all seen the way Alex treated Glee star Dianna Agron, sending her running to the hills. He was reportedly “being a controlling little bitch and checked Diana’s phone to see who messaged her”. Alex also has a tattoo just above his nether regions which reads, “Thank you”. He was quoted as saying, “[The tattoo] is there in case I forgot to say it”.

This makes us believe that Alex Pettyfer is like the cool kid in school, who everyone wants to date, but he punches little kids in their throats for lunch money when no-one is looking.

Channing Tatum was a co-producer for the stripper film and he retaliated against Alex’s ego by cutting a Pettyfer scene. We’re not too sure if we believe this, but allegedly Alex “went on a rampage about it”. Channing and Alex arrived at the L.A. premiere on June 25th, being very cool with one another. They posed on opposite ends of the cast line and barely interacted.

The source adds, “Channing refuses to do appearances alone with Alex – and he’ll never work with him again.”  Alex Pettyfer needs to shut up and realize where he lies in the Hollywood pecking order. From us to you, Alex, you’re not Tom Hanks yet, so keep your lips sealed!

What do you think readers? Is Alex to blame for all of the trouble? Is he really a bit of a bitch? Let us know if you disagree (or agree) in the comments below.


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  1. I believe it.  He seems to have problems with everyone.  Newsflash: Alex, you won’t have a career if no one wants to work with you!!  

    • Renier Palland says:

      Absolutely Barbara!

      Several producers and co-stars have had a bit of a run-in with Alex Pettyfer on set. He is the new bad boy in Hollywood and reminds me of the heydays of Colin Farrell. 

      Thank you for your comment and interest in this article. It is always beneficial for the writers to hear more comments on an article, whether they’re critical or not.

  2. Wanda says:

    Does anyone fact check these articles? The tattoo does not actually say “thank you”. It was a joke. A lame joke, but a joke. Also, many, many other sources have said the split between Alex and Dianna wasn’t exactly what it appeared. Finally, Channing himself has said everyone on the set got along. I’m going to believe Channing over anonymous sources. 

    • Renier Palland says:

       Through saying that Alex made a “joke” about the tattoo, it actually just solidifies that he is a bit of cocky jerk, does it not? If he’s such a jerk, then surely there HAS to be some truth to the Dianna Agron split up and his controlling nature. You cannot deny the fact that he has a massive ego. Do you know anything about how the film industry works? Of course Channing Tatum would have said that they “got along really well”, the bad publicity is a no-go, especially with such a rigid director as Steven Soderbergh. 

      Do you honestly believe that the executive producers, who placed millions of dollars in this film, would allow Channing Tatum to say in an E! Entertainment interview that him and Alex didn’t get along? Do you have any idea the amount of PR damage such a statement would cause? Do you have any idea what damage it would do not just to Alex Pettyfer’s career but also to Channing Tatum’s and everyone else who worked on the film? It would be a massacre! Channing Tatum is also one of the co-producers of the film as this is his magnum opus AND roman a clef. 

      I went and researched the incident and several people who were at the premiere also noticed the extremely icy relationship between the two. 

      Just as one reads entertainment websites “and not always believe it”, then the same also goes to one watching marketing and PR interviews for the film. They’re not always true and most production companies have a clause in their contracts that the actors are not allowed to bad-mouth the film or the rest of the cast during the marketing phase of the film.

      So, please, ensure that you know something about it before you comment on an article and asked whether it is fact checked.

      Thank you for your feedback, even though there was a slight tinge of criticism. It is important for us as writers to grow from this.

      • Wanda says:

        I suppose with matters like these, it’s hard to say whether or not it’s true. I didn’t say he isn’t cocky or doesn’t have an ego. Still though, it was stated in the article that his tattoo says “thank you”. That is incorrect which is why I made the comment about fact checking. I totally also understand how feedback is important. I am a writer as well and the comments sections on many of my articles tear me apart on a regular basis which is why I tend to be a little careful about what I say in my own comments. People can be mean. When I leave comments, I try not to be quite so mean. I’m just concerned that incorrect information about Alex (who is doing a pretty good job of making a name for himself in all the wrong ways) will only further damage his career. He’s a talented actor and a gorgeous guy. I like the fact that he speaks his mind and doesn’t just say what producers, managers and the rest of his handlers tell him to say. He does need to check that ego but he is still a kid, relatively speaking. I think that needs to be taken into consideration. Anyway, that’s just what I think. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment even though I still stand by what I said originally. 

        • Renier Palland says:

          Wanda, I cannot express to you how happy this comment makes me. We usually experience quite a few people who become so worked up over our articles that they end up calling us horrible names.

          It is truly refreshing to meet another writer who has the same respect for the art and understanding.

          Thank you so much for your kind response!

  3. Linda says:

    I have read in the past that Alex was a pain in the As@ to work with and he thought he was all that,,,,especially being British..He is not in the class of Pattinson or Andrew Garfield yet and he wont last long in hollywood if he keeps up the better than u attitude….

  4. Michele says:

    2nd time submitting this. Interesting. Why am I not surprised that it’s not here?


    I’ve never seen a “Writer” take such glee to bad mouth another human
    being. I know someone who was working on the set. Alex did NOT have a fight with Channing, or anyone, absolutely did not
    happen. Should I repeat that for you? He hung out with Riley most of the time,
    and he and Matt Bomer were really close as they had worked together before. And
    this, I repeat, is from someone who was there, during the filming, of Magic

    Is that
    enough ensuring for you? What right do you have to put down Wanda, for stating
    her opinion? You ask people if they agree or disagree, then you tell her:

    “So, please, ensure that you know
    something about it before you comment on an article and asked whether it is
    fact checked.” (By the way, “writer” you have it is “asked whether” not asked.
    Check your tenses) You
    asked her! She’s not supposed to have to check her facts; she’s stating her
    opinion. Good for you, Wanda! How unprofessional of you, “writer.”

    You are
    actually quoting a source from a rag magazine and no, they do not have to be
    accurate. On the contrary, they fabricate all the time and you should know
    that. They are not even eighty percent accurate, but it’s worth it to them
    because people buy the crap and some (case in point) are even stupid enough to
    reprint it.

    As for
    the Diana A. thing (yes, since you’ve dragged that in I have no choice but to
    go there) it was over a year ago. She was cheating on him. He was upset;
    something that is to be expected when you’re mate is screwing around on you.

     And the tattoo? It says “Alex.” That’s it. He
    was joking to the interviewer and the guy printed it. Big damned deal. Let’s
    turn this thing into a witch-hunt by people like you, and others who actually
    believe you, shall we?

    have so much hatred for this actor by the way your article is slanted that I
    would suggest before you refer to yourself as a “writer” you practice your
    craft, it would be more productive than trying to destroy Alex Pettyfer’s
    career. Oh, and for the record, he’s signed on to two more movies, both A list.
    He has his own production company, and he’s only 22. Not so shabby for someone
    who: “needs to shut up and realize where he lies in the Hollywood pecking
    order.” No. Not so bad at all.


  5. Michele says:

    I would like to know why my comment regarding Alex Pettyfer has not been printed.

  6. Renier Palland says:

    I’ve never seen a “commentator” (oh and writer isn’t with a capital letter) take such glee to bad mouth another human being. 

    I have every right to defend my opinions in this article, as I did with Wanda. You might not be able to see above because your eyes are filled with tears of anger, but Wanda and myself have every right to disagree and it ended respectfully, as is usually done with other people you do not really know.

    You are fully entitled to your opinion, IF you do it in a respectful manner. Nit picking a mistake in my comment? You HAVE to be kidding me.You know that quoting “writer” doesn’t really make it more sarcastic right?

    Someone seems to have phoned the Alex Pettyfer police squad and they’re in full gear, ready to attack.

    Do you seriously go around on the internet and do Google searches to see who bad mouthed Alex Pettyfer and then post in the comments about how “horrible” the “writer” is? 

    Have a good one Michele.


    If you want to preach some more Alex Pettyfer gospel, why not do a Google search on CDL and take out each and every writer, because it seems you do not really have anything better to do than to preach your groupie status.

  7. Bianca says:

    Not true