Check Out Kate Upton’s Racy ‘Cat Daddy’ Video!!

Check Out Kate Upton’s Racy 'Cat Daddy' Video!!

There comes a time every now and then as a writer when I ask myself, “Self, is this story really news-worthy and something you care to write about?”  Well after doing some research and continuously seeing Supermodel Kate Upton’s recent YouTube video pop up, I had to reckon with myself – yes, yes it is.

Although this story may be predominately geared towards the boys, as a female I will fully admit that Kate not only looks beautiful in the new video posted by famed photographer Terry Richardson – but home girl can dance!

Kate and Terry teamed up and created a video highlighting the 19-year-old in a barely there sports Illustrated bikini doing the “Cat Daddy”, a dance created by hip-hop trio the Rej3ctz.  First of all, kudos to her for managing to hold it all in – if you know what I’m saying.  Secondly, is it really fair that she A. is absolutely gorgeous, B. has a killer body, and C. can hold her own on the dance floor?  Next you’re going to tell me she wants to be an actor – if so I’m sure she’ll no doubt be Oscar worthy.

The video, initially posted on YouTube, was taken down for violating its policy on sexual content.  Terry, the clever lad that he is, then uploaded it to Vimeo for the world to see.  I guess someone should thank him?

 Check out the supa-sizzling video here folks – oh to be 19 again…and a supermodel…and famous…..oh snap, that must have been my past life!


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