Clean And Sober? Who Is Lindsay Lohan Kidding (Photo)

Clean And Sober? Who Is Lindsay Lohan Kidding (Photo)

I’m clean and sober. I don’t party anymore. I’m now a homebody. Is anybody buying these soundbites from Lindsay Lohan on the Today show? The one time ‘next big thing’ who’s ruined her Hollywood career with drugs, alcohol and stints in jail is on US TV today telling us she’s a changed woman. Do you believe her?

It’s a case of deja vu with LiLo. We’ve heard these mea culpas before and we’re not falling for them again. How many times has she sworn black and blue that she’s seen the error of her ways and is now on the straight and narrow? Too many times. We’ve wised up to your ways Lindsay!

What I want to know is – why is she looking like a hooker with a platinum blonde wig? Why can’t she answer a question without going off topic? Why can’t she see the parallels between her and Whitney Houston when Matt Lauer points them out? And then there’s the husky, tired, weary voice and laugh. People don’t talk and cackle like that normally.

Her one on one with Matt is another PR exercise because she’s struggling to find work and pay the bills. So is her appearance on Saturday Night Live this coming weekend. She’s so desperate she arranged the gig herself. You can guarantee SNL will be a trainwreck. Yes it’s a Lindsay Lohan publicity blitz over the next couple of days. Aren’t we lucky.

LiLo reckons 2012 is a fresh start. She swears her latest brush with the law put her back on track. Celeb Dirty Laundry covered it here Lindsay Lohan Says Judge Saved Her Life And Hollywood Career We’ll wait and see…