Could Emily Maynard End Up With Arie Because Jef and Sean Dump Her?

Could Emily Maynard End Up With Arie Because Jef and Sean Dump Her?

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard claims that her faith is very important to her, she is an Evangelical Christian. Some people are wondering just how much Emily practices her religion since she was an unwed teenager and we’ve witnessed that she did have quite the potty mouth during this season.

The final three men vying for Emily’s hand are Jef, Sean and Arie. Jef was brought up Mormon and was raised with the practices of the church, he has also said that religion is a huge priority in his life.

Meanwhile, Sean is also religious and on his twitter he says he likes the simple things in life, most of all Jesus. Could these two guys just be too religious for Emily? Or, could Emily not be religious enough or is the lifestyle she has led unaccepted to the church?

Ashley and JP faced problems with joining their religious views, as JP Rosenbaum’s family was Jewish, while Ashley Hebert’s was not, in fact, she wasn’t religious at all.

Spoilers are coming in and it would appear that Emily is in fact not going to end up with Arie, no matter what his religion is. Jef may practice a different religion than Emily, but that is not a factor for her and he really doesn’t care about her being an unwed mother or having the odd slip of a potty mouth because, if rumours are true, Emily is going to end up with Jef in the end.

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