Courtney Stodden’s Naked Christmas Card – Merry Christmas To All!

Courtney Stodden Out For Lunch

Nasty child bride Courtney Stodden has ripped off her clothes and is snuggling with Santa hats and presents again. It can only mean one thing – it’s Thursday. No, just kidding although it is Thursday. It means it’s almost Christmas and everyone’s favorite Christian is doing what she does best – flashing her t-ts and ass. No, just kidding although she is doing that. But she’s also bringing Christmas cheer!

How could we forget the lovely snaps she took last year. Undersized red bikini her boobs can practically fall out of? Check. Santa Clause groping her with his face in her crouch? Check. Mundane props like snow and a giant present she can either hump or pose by? Check. If this doesn’t scream the holidays than maybe you’re a Jehovah’s Witness!

And she doesn’t disappoint this year. E! Online has the pics. Courtney tastefully changed it up this time around and went with the ever popular and appropriate pink instead of red or green. Nice touch. But she didn’t want to freak us out too much (Lord knows we love our traditions) by thinking too outside of the box so she kept the props the same. There’s the obligatory Santa hat and gloves, presents done up with bows and a lovely Christmas tree in the background. Did Martha Stewart collaborate? But wait! Courtney threw in one little curve ball. There’s no bikini! What? She’s naked! Courtney Stodden’s completely naked (save for the hat and gloves). That little vixen. She must have thought long and hard over these pics, racking her brain to see how she could amp up the peace and goodwill towards men. And boy did she get it right! Brilliant! It’s not like half the world hasn’t seen her naughty bits anyway, right? Truly genius and so heartwarming. Thank you for making better my Christmas Courtney Stodden. And God bless us everyone.