Crazy Britney Spears Makes Ridiculous Demands On ‘X-Factor’ Set

Crazy Britney Spears Makes Ridiculous Demands On 'X-Factor' Set

Britney Spears is one of the biggest, most-talked about music stars in the world, so it was only fitting that Britney (yes, she is first name famous) joined the panel of judges on The X-Factor. After obtaining a $15 million dollar deal for only one season on The X-Factor, reports have surfaced of her eccentric riders and erratic behaviour on set.

Why does Britney have such a hold over the bosses at The X-Factor? Why is she able to make so many demands? Well, according to, Britney has The X-Factor “over a barrel”. A gun barrel, that is. Britney has so much clout in the industry that she was able to negotiate terms with The X-Factor that have been unheard of — including being able to walk off set any time she desires!

Many insiders at The X-Factor claim that Simon Cowell knew what he was letting himself in for and is a “shrewd businessman”. The question is, will Britney be able to push up viewership and expand on the genius format of the show? Is all the drama merely a publicity stunt? Is Britney going off the rails again?

Time will tell whether Britney is able to keep it together and whether Simon Cowell made the right choice. Britney has always evoked hysterics with her much publicized battle with Bipolar Mood Disorder, but the stress of her career has never seemed to phase Britney too much; after all, she has been a mega-star since a very young age. Britney took to twitter after articles were released on the internet about her walking off on The X-Factor and tweeted, “#Britneywalksoff???? LOL just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time.”

Britney is also not holding back with her on-screen sparring with Simon Cowell. According to RadarOnline, Simon Cowell said to the one hopeful she “sounded like she was dead” and Britney Spears replied with, “You are so rude Simon!”.

The dramatics of Britney will surely make for one of the greatest reality television seasons in history and hopefully the viewership of this underrated show will blossom into the most talked about show in the world. Simon Cowell has always used the winners of the UK seasons of the show as leverage for new seasons, having their album and single releases coinciding with a new season, but this has proved to be slightly off-kilter with the careers of the winners, so we’re holding thumbs that the first alum of X-Factor Melanie Amaro, receives the required exposure.

Will Britney be the winning judge in the end? Will she find another Leona Lewis, One Direction or Alexandra Burke? Will she be able to hold it together for an entire six months?

We wait with bated breath, placing our hope in Britney’s confident tweets.

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