Dallas 2012 Recap: Series Premiere 6/13/12

Dallas 2012 Recap: Series Premiere 6/13/12

Tonight on TNT is the series premiere of Dallas 2012. It has been two decades since we left Southfork and our favorite villain J.R. Ewing. But tonight they are all returning for a reboot of the original 80’s series.  Most of the members of the original cast have returned, including Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray.

The new rebooted show is a continuation rather than a remake and will focus on the children of Bobby Ewing and J.R. Ewing.  The new cast includes Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman.

We have some spoilers for you about the June 13, 2012 episode of “Dallas 2012”Stop now if you don’t want to know, I warned you!

Poor J.R. is in an assisted living center, all penniless and depressed, but that won’t stop him from scheming. Bobby is still at Southfork with a new wife Ann (Brenda Strong) while J.R.’s son, John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) and Elena have struck oil again and want to undermine his grandmother’s legacy by drilling right on Ewing land.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s son, Christopher (Jessee Metcalfe) returns from Asia with his fiancée, but he just can’t keep his mind or nasty thoughts off of Elena. As well, Christopher’s thoughts for the family business is in a completely different direction than John Ross, he wants to take it in a new direction of alternate energy resources.

I don’t know about you but I am excited to find out what JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) and the rest of the Ewings have been doing over the last twenty years or so.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait hit the comments and let us know if you are going to be tuning in to the series premiere of “Dallas 2012”?

RECAP: Wow, I can’t believe we are back on Southfork. The show starts off with John Ross sleeping, Elena wakes him up because they have found oil on the property and lots of it. Emily is wondering how John Ross is going to tell Bobby because nobody has ever been aloud to drill on Southfork property.

Meanwhile, Bobby is with a doctor who tells him that he has cancer, on his birthday and Bobby tells him not to tell anyone. The doctor is upset, he wants Bobby to tell his family but Bobby insists that he has family business to attend to before he tells anyone he is dieing.

(open theme song, it’s been a long 20 years)

Christopher is back from Asia, he wants to get into the energy business. Christopher is making out with his fiancée, Rebecca, when a friend of the family, Mrs. Stanford overhears them and puts a stop to it.

Bobby is on his horse and goes for a ride on Ewing land. At home, his wife tells him that something happened between Christopher, John Ross and Elena. Bobby surprises her with a  world cruise.

John Ross is in a bar with Elena and some workers who did the drilling, John Ross tells them to take their wives and girlfriends away for the weekend on him.

John Ross meets up with someone in a really cool car and tells them, “if my daddy taught me one thing, it’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Bobby goes to see J.R. in the hospital and tells him that all the fights between them worry him. He doesn’t want their boys to have all the bad blood they have had, doesn’t want them to be anything like them. In all that, Bobby tells J.R. that he misses him and always loved him. (this is where all us die hard fans cry)

Back at the house, Bobby is talking to Christopher when Elena and John Ross walk in and you can feel the tension between Elena and Christopher.

Sue Ellen arrives for dinner with the family. Rebecca tells everyone that her only bridesmaid backed out and she has nobody. John Ross makes a suggestion that Elena be her bridesmaid, she reluctantly accepts.

Sue Ellen tells John Ross that he should go see his father before it is too late. John Ross and Christopher start to get into it over their career choices when Bobby gets up and tells the family that he has decided to sell Southfork. John Ross calls all the family to head to the land where he’s been drilling.

When they get there Bobby is pissed, he is tired of the family devouring each other for money. Christopher is also upset and tells Elena that the oil is toxic. Bobby promised his mother that he would not drill on Southfork, John Ross makes a rude comment about “little Miss Ellie” and Bobby tells him off. Christopher tells John Ross to leave his dad alone and John Ross takes a verbal dig at Christopher not being Bobby’s biological son. The two start fighting and Bobby breaks it up.

Both women are telling their man not to fight over this but you can see neither is going to listen to them.

The sheriff comes in and serves Bobby, John Ross has filed an injunction over the sale of Southfork and to overturn Miss Ellie’s will on the grounds of incompetence. Bobby is ready to give John Ross the fight of his life.

The sheriff now brings papers to John Ross, he has an order to stop the drilling – Bobby’s fight has started!

Rebecca is alone with Elena trying on dresses and she tells her about how she met Christopher. Sue Ellen walks in with Ann and you can see that Elena is jealous when they fuss over Rebecca.

Christopher is working, he gets a video chat from guy that tells him that there methane has probably caused an earthquake and it’s not safe.

John Ross goes to see J.R., he confides in him that Bobby wants to sell the house and he’s filed an injunction to stop it. He goes on to tell him that he hit oil, a 2 billion reserve and Bobby wants nothing to do with it yet he is giving Christopher money for some renewable energy scheme. J.R. finally speaks and tells John Ross that Bobby has always been a fool.  J.R. wants to hear more, then tells John Ross that he forgives him for not visiting.

J.R. and John Ross are still talking and you can just see the greed spinning around in J.R.’s head.

John Ross meets with Elena, he wants her to spy on Christopher to see exactly what he is working on. Elena agrees and head over to where Christopher is, he’s asleep and when she tries to take a peek at some of his papers, he wakes up. She notices something on his computer screen about an earthquake and asks him what has happened. Christopher basically tells her that the whole project is over and he wants to know why she is there. Elena gives Christopher back a jewellery box and tells him that she wants him to be happy with Rebecca.

Later, Elena goes back to see John Ross and doesn’t tell him anything.

Bobby has a nightmare, Ann goes downstairs to get something and hears a noise, she grabs for a rifle and runs after an intruder, who gets away. Ann puts the rifle down and discovers a bottle of pills that she finds on the floor, they belong to Bobby and when she looks them up on the internet, they are for stomach tumours.

Bobby meets with a woman from Del Sol Conservancy; they want to buy the Southfork land.

It’s time for the wedding and Bobby issues a warning to John Ross not to cause any trouble. John Ross blames Sue Ellen for Cliff Barnes running Ewing and had she not sent him to a boarding school, his father would have been able to teach him the business. Sue Ellen tells him to think of her as an ally, she can help.

John Ross has found out with Christopher and confronts him, he blackmails him, unless he can talk his father into taking Southfork off the market, he will reveal him for the fraud that he is.

Christopher immediately blames Elena, but she denies it all and claims she didn’t tell John Ross anything. Christopher tells her that what is sick is that he trusted her and John Ross doesn’t love her. Elena wants to know why he sent her an email the day of their wedding, he didn’t send it, he thought she was dead. Elena tells him that he sent her an email and told her they were through. It appears that John Ross was the one who did all this, Christopher goes to kiss her but stops and goes to search out John Ross. He tells him that he knows it was him and walks away.

Christopher comes clean with Bobby and tells him everything about the methane and asks Bobby to believe in him that he can figure out how to extract it safely. Bobby shakes Ms. Marta Del Sol’s hand and tells her it is a deal.

Rebecca and Christopher are married with Elena looking on with envy.  John Ross is drowning his sorrows when he finds his father talking to Ms. De Sol, Bobby has been set up. J.R. tells him that Bobby may not be stupid, but he’s a hell of a lot smarter.

(More Dallas coming up with twists and turns…)

The show opens up with John Ross having sex with Marta, then he has lunch with his dad.

Bobby is trying to postpone is surgery, Ann overhears him speaking to his doctor and is upset. Bobby takes off on his horse and Ann follows, she asks him when he was planning on telling her.

John Ross goes to see Elena, she shows him the email and wants to know if he sent it. John Ross tells her that he didn’t do it and Christopher did it. John Ross is mad, the only reason she is with him is that Christopher broke up with her.

Christopher approaches Bobby and asks him to give him the chance to run Southfork, reconsider selling the ranch. Bobby tells him that it’s too late, he shook his hand and gave his word on it.

John Ross goes to see Mitch Lobell, they were in cahoots with each other and now he bribes John Ross, he wants 2 million dollars instead of $500,000.00 or he is blowing the whistle.

Elena goes to see Sue Ellen and tells her that she needs a bank loan to buy oil leases and Sue Ellen tells her that she will loan her the money, forget the bank.

It’s the Cattleman’s Ball and everyone is dressed in their finest to walk the red carpet, even J.R. with his walker.

Bobby is shocked to see J.R., the first thing he does is thank Bobby and Ann for their visits. Bobby introduces J.R. to Marta Del Sol, J.R. tells John Ross to apologize to his uncle, he does.

J.R. then goes to congratulate Sue Ellen and tells her that she is the prettiest girl at the ball and would make one hell of a governor.

John Ross meets up with Elena, he still denies sending that email. She tells him that personally, she wants them to take a break.

John Ross sees Marta outside and tries to seduce her. He takes her to a room and tells her that he needs $100,000.00 to pay off Lobell, she then drugs his drink and they continue to mess around while a camera is filming the whole thing.

Ann is upset about Bobby’s surgery, but he tells her not to worry. Ann tells him that the only reason he is selling Southfork is because he doesn’t thinkhe’s going to be around and doesn’t trust Christopher.

John Ross wakes up, he is all groggy and Marta has his cash ready for Lobell.

Christopher goes to see Elena and tells her that he wants to work with her.

Rebecca’s brother Tommy is with her and he tells her that he just got a job at Ewing, she is having second thought, while he toasts her to their mutual success.

J.R. is in Mexico to see Carlos Del Sol, he wants to look him in the eye before they seal the deal. Carlos is surprised about the deal, he knows nothing about it. Marta comes into the room and it’s not the same Marta, J.R.s been double crossed by John Ross.

The end!

What did you think about the return of Dallas tonight? Did you love it as much as I did? Sound off your comments below and tell us what your favorite part was! I have to say that the ending for me was the best.