‘Dancing With The Stars’ Gossip: Romantic Sparks Fly Between Cheryl Burke And William Levy — Are They Hooking Up?

'Dancing With The Stars' Gossip: Romantic Sparks Fly Between Cheryl Burke And William Levy -- Are They Hooking Up?

Romantic rumors are inevitable on a show like Dancing with the Stars, and we feel as if it’s our job to keep y’all up to date on  all the blossoming love connections in Hollywood. Dancing pro Cheryl Burke and her partner, telenovela actor William Levy, are the latest couple rumored to be hooking up — on and off the dance floor.

But, unfortunately, it seems as if this is just a rumor. Both stars are denying any hooking up.

The couple’s chemistry appears to be off the charts and some people are afraid that the amount of spiciness they emit each week will leave their fans burnt; however, Cheryl Burke tells Access Hollywood that she and Will leave the romance on the dance floor. It’s all, sadly, for show.

“I’m just single and having fun being single. It’s a fun life. It’s strictly business. I’ve touched a lot of butts over my years [on the show]. It’s very emotional on the dance floor, then you leave and that’s it. Leave it here.”

William Levy doing his rumor/gossip control:

“She’s a great woman. She’s a great girl — anyone would like to go out with her. But here, we’re dancing. We’re just dancing right now.”

So there you have it, folks. No love connection. People are calling the couple “Team Fuego” (“Team Fire”), but how many of you would like to see a bit more “fuego” off the dance floor? Do you believe CheryLevy’s denials?


Cheryl Burke is no stranger to getting intimate with DWTS contestants . . . maybe next week we can report that this rumor is true. But right now we have to go with the celeb’s word and say that . . . IT’S SO COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FALSE!

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Dancing with the Stars airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC

3 responses to “‘Dancing With The Stars’ Gossip: Romantic Sparks Fly Between Cheryl Burke And William Levy — Are They Hooking Up?”

  1. […] There are no clear front runners yet but there certainly is a crowd favorite telenovela actor William Levy.  Rumors have been circulating that William is having a romance with his professional dancer Cheryl Burke.  To find more out about all the rumors check them out here! […]

  2. Lilly says:

    William has a beautiful significant other.  He also has two darling children.  I hope he doesn’t get dumb and leaves his gal.

  3. Felinara23 says:

    Cheryl also denied that she was dating Chad Ochocinco, to later confirmed that they did have a fling after her book came out.  Maybe they (WillCheryl) are just waiting for the show to be over and Will’s Ex to get out of the picture so they can go public.  His baby mama and that’s all she is is obsessed w/ holding on to something that he himself denies…that is that they are  together.  He has stated on numerous times for the latino media that they live together under the same roof because of his children, but he is no longer romantically attached to her.