Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 “Run” Recap 10/21/12

Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 “Run” Recap 10/21/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Showtime’s DEXTER called “Run.”  On tonight’s episode After capturing a deadly killer, things go awry for Miami Metro, sending Debra into a tailspin.  Did you see last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it for you here!

On last week’s show Dexter tried to bring Debra on-board with his new target, while the Ukrainian mob sought revenge for the killing of one of their own. Quinn got close to a dancer at the mob’s strip club, and LaGuerta attempted to enlist Batista to help her with re-opening the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, who she believes is still out there.  This week we should find out how Debbie feels after her refusal to let Dexter kill again resulted in another person being killed.

On tonight’s episode we see the continuation of the Speltzer storyline.  . After escaping them both in last night’s episode, Miami Metro will now be on a massive manhunt.

Also after capturing a deadly killer, things go awry for Miami Metro, sending Debra into a tailspin. In an effort to help his sister, Dexter enters into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, while the Ukrainian mob continues to seek revenge.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 — tonight at 9PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Dexter season 4, so far!


Vince and Dex are black lighting the mausoleum where Speltzer kept some trophies and left a weird maze on the wall. They’re frustrated by the lack of DNA and other hard evidence. Deb’s soaking in a nice hot bath and then realizes she’s actually soaking in a tub of blood.

Dex holds out his hand to her and asks “Will you be mine?” There’s blood running out of the tub, out of the faucet. She rushes to turn it off, but the more she tries to stanch the flow, the more gushes out. She finally gets it stopped and we realize she’s hallucinating – her tub’s overflowed, but it’s just plain old water.

At the police HQ, Deb asks Dex whether Trinity killed Rita. Deb said it didn’t fit his pattern. Dex said it’s because he knew who he was and knew who his family was. Dex reveals to Deb that he killed Trinity but refuses to tell her when.

Deb wants to know if Dex loved Rita. She wants to know if he is capable of love. He tells her he loves her and asks her if, before the church scene, she ever doubted how he felt about her. Deb gets a call and learns the cops have caught Speltzer. LaGuerta said they have to get a confession because they didn’t get any DNA at the crime scene. Angela and Deb go to work on him.

Dead Viktor’s daddy and George are looking at a file on Dex and Louis. They’re trying to figure out how Dex ties in to Viktor. They surmise that Dex killed Viktor as revenge for the cop – they’re right about that.

Then the cops bust into the strip club and Quinn separates customers from strippers. George asks Quinn how long it’s going to go on – George offers Quinn a bribe – cash and drugs. George and Viktor realize the Miami cops don’t know Viktor’s dead or they wouldn’t still be hassling him. Daddy says he wants to talk to Dex – George just wants to whack him. Daddy suggests they offer up a patsy for the crime – they’ve got a bartender who’s not mobbed up that they can spare…

Back in the interview room, Angel’s in with Speltzer and tells him that his boss (Deb) saw him at the crime scene. Angel gets Speltzer wound up with trash talk about Deb and then he exits and she enters. Dex wishes her luck – he hopes she can nail him before he has to.

Deb whips out a photo of Speltzer’s mom and starts telling him she was a whore and then goads him into saying, “I should have killed you like I killed that other bitch.” She got the confession she needed.

Dex invites Deb out for a drink to celebrate. Deb doesn’t want to party because she couldn’t save his last victim. Deb brings Rita up again – she says Harrison needs to be protected from daddy Dex. She says it’s not right to expose Harrison to his sickness. She suggests sending him to stay with Rita’s other kids at their grandparents.

Deb says he’s risking Harrison’s life just as he risked Rita’s. Deb reminds him if he hadn’t gotten to Speltzer’s in time, she would have been dead as well. Dex says his only regret is not killing Trinity sooner and tells Deb he’s not giving up his son.

Viktor’s Daddy and George show up to bartender Alex’s house. He reveals all his family is still back in mother Russia. They want to know how much money he sends back home to his wife and children. He tells them $750. Viktor’s daddy offered a pile of money to take care of his family and says he needs a favor.

He tells him he needs a suspect to give to the cops for the police shooting. He has him write out a note – a suicide note – and then gives him Viktor’s gun that was used to kill Sgt. Mike. George tells him if he doesn’t kill himself, they’ll kill him and then throw his wife and kids in the river rather than taking care of them. They pour him a shot of whiskey and tell him he won’t feel a thing.

Alex puts the gun in his mouth, but Viktor’s dad moves it to the side of his head. Alex says “for my family” and pulls the trigger…

Hannah McKay shows up to the po-po station to see Dex. She came because she heard they found the body of one of Wayne’s victims. She’s trying to help the cops find the other bodies. She wants to know what Dex and Wayne talked about before he died.

She reveals they didn’t stay in contact. Hannah tells him about the small town she and Wayne came from. She said they wanted to move down to Argentina and settle down. Dex wants to know if she misses him. She says she misses being on the road with him and the sense of possibility.

Hannah sees her lawyer and scurries off. Dex checks her out as she goes.

LaGuerta shows Deb a video of the cops taking down Speltzer and it clearly shows he wasn’t properly Mirandized. His lawyer was able to get Speltzer cut loose and gets the confession dropped. They reveal he was let out two hours ago and is planning a lawsuit for excessive force. They cops are frustrated and angry.

Dex is called to the crime scene where the bartender shot himself. Vince says the gun looks the same. Dex knows Alex didn’t kill Sgt. Mike – so he figures out the Russian mob wants the club left alone. Quinn and Angel have a debate over why he would have left the family photos up when his confession note hinted at an affair with Kaja that ended in him killing her and then Sgt. Mike.

Dex comes home and finds Jamie sorting Harrison’s old clothes and toys. Dex is upset that “lammie” is getting thrown out – he says the little lamb was a gift from Rita’s mom and wants to hang onto it. Dex looks at his AC unit where he keeps his trophy slides and muses “some toys are more difficult than others to part with.”

Dex spies on Speltzer who’s back to work at the cemetery digging graves. Dex thinks Speltzer should dig his own. Speltzer’s got an RV that Dex plans to make the clean room to kill him, but Speltzer shows up and they get in a brutal fight. Dex is knocked out and wakes up in a maze. He wonders if the place he’s in is Speltzer’s masterpiece. He thinks “I don’t run – I make people run!” and then the lights go out.

He heads towards a light and sees Speltzer wearing a bull helmet – complete with horns – and carrying an axe. He amends his former statement saying “I do run if there’s a bull coning after me with an axe.” Dex makes a daring jump into the elevator shaft and runs down a level – he finds himself in a room of mannequins all positioned strangely and a strobe light pulsating around them. He sees more bull horns ahead and then feints right and Speltzer just misses him with an axe. He smelled him – and tells Speltzer he needs to take a shower.

He realizes Speltzer is trying to force him to go down levels, so instead he goes up. He’s on the roof and then Speltzer is there as well with his axe. He sees Dex has jumped down onto another roof and is getting away.

Speltzer’s in hot pursuit. Dex grabs a ride on the back of a tow truck and is concerned that now that Speltzer knows his face, it’s going to be harder.

Meanwhile back at Dex’s, he’s packing up Harrison and Jamie to go visit his siblings and grandparents in Orlando. His inner voice says he’s not sending him away because Deb told him to, but because he’s got to focus on Speltzer.

Zirko (dead Vik’s dad) is at Viktor’s apartment – he cuts the crime scene tape to get in – and looks at a photo. He pulls the photo away and finds a hidden picture of himself and Vik and breaks into tears. He promises the photo “I will avenge your death. Everything I do is for you.”

Deb, Angel and crew are at Melanie’s funeral. Deb sees Speltzer lurking and confronts him. She curses him out and Angel has to drag her away. Speltzer promises to see her around.

Back at Deb’s place, Dex shows up and tells her Angel called him – he wants to know what happened. She tells Dex she wanted to kill Speltzer. Dex wants to know how she’s doing and she says “I’m just fucking great…”

Deb wants to know if it’s ever going to get easier and he tells her it’s not all that different – it’s just that she knows more about him. Deb says it makes him a completely different person – Dex insists that‘s not true – he says he’s her brother and will always be there for him – he asks if the same is true for her.

Deb walks away from him – I think she’s nursing a broken heart on two fronts – one as a sister and one as a girl crushing on a guy…

Angel’s still not convinced Alex is the bad guy in the Kaja/Sgt. Mike murder. Quinn said the gun matched Sgt. Mike’s murderer. Angel said it’s all to clean – that it feels like a set up. He said it didn’t make sense for Alex to kill himself when he had no record and wasn’t on the cops’ radar.

Angel wants to go back to the club – Quinn says they can do it tomorrow – he’s got a date with Nadya, his new stripper friend.

Dex is at the cemetery. Speltzer comes upon a freshly dug grave and sees a note that says “STAY” – he pauses and Dex hits him with a shovel. He wakes strapped down to a table at the crematorium. Dex says he’d like to cut his cheek and take a blood slide but that he can’t afford to take a trophy.

He opens the entry to the crematorium. Speltzer is writhing in fear. Dex monologues about Deb and says her catching him would have helped rebuild their relationship. Dex does the kind thing and stakes Spelter in vampire style before putting him in the fire.

Dex has his trophy box with him and places it on Speltzer’s chest. “It’s time for everyone to move on” he says. “Good-bye friends” he intones as he watches them burn. He seems genuinely upset – not at Speltzer’s death but at having to sacrifice his precious trophies.

Deb picks up Dex at the cemetery. She asks “what am I doing here?” He points to the smoke and says “It’s Speltzer.” She asks if he did it for her. He says no. He asks how she feels. “Glad” she says. She wants to know what that makes her. Dex says “human.”

I think Deb may be seeing the light (just a little) about what Dex is doing and what it means.

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