Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 “Chemistry” Recap 11/11/12

Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 “Chemistry” Recap 11/11/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Showtime’s DEXTER called “Chemistry.” On tonight’s episode Dexter and Hannah’s relationship heats up, which crime-beat writer Sal Price is very interested to learn, so much so that he helps Debra dig up some information on her. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you here!

On last week’s show Dexter continued his obsession on Hannah Mckay even though there is the more important issue of Isaak Sirko vowing to kill him. He was pretty confident that Hannah is a killer and wanted to give her “what she deserves.”  Debra befriended a local crime writer who claimed to have incriminating info on Hannah McKay; Quinn received a strange offer and he’s wasn’t able to accept it; Batista contemplated a business opportunity, while LaGuerta hoped to dredge up new evidence in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

On tonight’s show Sal Price confronts Dexter about his relationship with Hannah. Dexter and Hannah’s relationship heats up, which crime-beat writer Sal Price is very interested to learn, so much so that he helps Debra dig up some information on her. Meanwhile, Quinn’s attempts to protect his girlfriend lead to some questionable moves.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 — tonight at 9PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Dexter season 7, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

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Last episode ended with Dexter cutting Hannah loose from the killing table and then getting busy with her – that’s a first. We pick up tonight with Dex and Hannah in a post-coital daze still on the killing table. Hannah holds him at knife point and asks if he does this with all the girls. She wants to know why he tried to kill her. He tells her he kills bad people. She admits she is bad and they’re back at it hot and heavy.

Sal and Deb are chatting on her couch making small talk. She offers to help him nail Hannah (little do they know that Dex is taking care of that…) They discuss having Hannah’s dead hubby exhumed. They kiss goodnight and Sal leaves.

On a weird drive of shame, Hannah asks if Dex is going to try to kill her again. A biker cuts them off and gives Dex the finger. He laughingly says, “Boy, did he pick the wrong car” and she laughs along. Dex asks her why she didn’t ask him why he kills people and she says she didn’t need to. Could she be the perfect girl for Dexter?

But Dex spots Sal spying on Hannah’s house. Sal accuses him of botching the blood work to protect his lover. Sal threatens to expose him, but Dex counters by offering to tell him Wayne’s last words and what he really thought about Hannah. Sal warns him not to eat anything with her.

La Guerta tells Deb she hit another dead end on the secretly revived Bay Harbor butcher case. Deb says all the evidence still points to Doakes and that perhaps they are too emotionally attached to defending him. La Guerta tells Deb she may be right and Deb leaves literally cursing herself.

Dex researches Sal looking for some dirt on him. Deb confronts her brother with Sal’s independent blood spatter work and asked him if he missed something. She asks why he didn’t run DNA on the couple of spare blood spatters. Deb accuses Dex of botching the work to save Hannah for his table. Bet she wouldn’t be happy is she knew Dex already had here there – several times…

Angel tells Dex that Sirko’s lawyers want to run tests on the blood samples from an independent lab. Vince can’t find the samples and says there’s a mole in the department. Quinn says it sounds like a spy novel plot. Methinks he protests too loudly. Dex and crew head back to the bar where the Columbians were killed to try to get more blood. They find that the sewer lines were messed with to contaminate the crime scene with poo.

Angel confronts Quinn with his sign in to the evidence lab and that he’s dating a stripper that works for Sirko. Quinn says FU and Angel backs off. Deb and Dex discuss that the evidence isn’t recoverable and that Sirko could be on the street in just a few hours. Dex says he can take care of him and Deb orders him to stay away.

Sal shows up with the contact info for the sister of Hannah’s dead hubby to try to get permission to exhume her brother to test for poison. Deb agrees to have dinner with him.

Quinn finds Nadya in one piece and is relieved. Sirko gets his get out of jail free card and finds Miami’s finest there to tail him. George urges him to get on a plane, but Sirko said Miami is still overpopulated by one.

Lori, the dead hubby’s sister, reveals that Hannah was pregnant when her brother died, but lost the baby afterward. She nods her agreement. Meanwhile Sal comes to see Hannah to tell her he’s writing a bio on her and how she hasn’t stopped killing. He tells her he got the info from Dexter – she tells him to leave Dexter out of it. He agrees to meet her at her house later. He then calls Dex and arranges to meet him a few hours after his Hannah meeting.

Dexter’s browsing through Sal’s roster of true crime books and finds an unsolved murder that he plans to link Sal to so he can get rid of him. Dex is chatting with dear old dead Dad as he browses crime scene photos and admires the blood spatter plant Hannah gave him.

Quinn comes to see George and threatens him. George counter-threatens to expose him for destroying the blood evidence and also threatens Nadya.

Back at Hannah’s greenhouse, Dex comes to see her and tells her Sal saw them together and threatened to put him in the book. Hannah tells him Sal wants her to go on record about her time with Wayne. Dex says he’s going to take care of him and she asks if he’s going to kill him and he says no because he lives by a code and only kills criminals.

Hannah admits she likes to kill when it serves a purpose – survival of the fittest. She asks Dex if he ever wonders what it would be like if he didn’t have to follow rules. She says she doesn’t need Dex to take care of things for her, but he insists. He tells her it’s a parting gift and takes off. But he pauses. He muses that Hannah accepts him which is different from any other relationship he’s ever had.

Lori is at the morgue when they exhume Hannah’s hubby. They only find bones – no tissue. The ME says they can’t run the tests without tissue – it seems he wasn’t embalmed. His sister is very angry. The ME says they don’t embalm if next of kin asks them not to.

Deb meets Sal and tells him they couldn’t run the tests because he wasn’t embalmed. They realize that was part of Hannah’s plan. Deb is outraged that Lori was put through extra grief watching her brother be dug up. Deb says her job sucks.

He tells her he’ll try to get something out of Hannah later. At her house, she offers him lemonade and he declines. She emphasizes that he has to leave Dexter out of it. He agrees and sets up a tape recorder and directs her to start with the couple at the hotel.

Meanwhile Dex is at Price’s house gathering materials for a DNA cocktail. He also grabs a fingerprint for good measure. He also browses Sal’s computer and debates deleting his research files on Hannah. Dad advises him not to, but he does anyway – hope Sal’s got a back-up.

Back at Hannah’s, she’s telling him about the hotel murders. She tells him Wayne killed the husband and that Wayne had given her a knife. She says the couple struggled with Wayne even after the husband had been stabbed. She tells him Wayne asked for her help and she pulled the woman off of him and stabbed her to shut her up, but that she kept screaming and so she kept stabbing until she stopped screaming. She’s in tears and looks genuinely distraught. Sal clicks off the recorder and brings her a tissue.

Dex is at an outdoor café when Sirko joins him. He tells him he isn’t there to kill him since Miami Metro’s on his tail. He says they might as well have a chat while waiting for Sirko to kill him. Sirko tells him he’ll move heaven and earth to kill him as revenge for killing Viktor. Dex compares him to Wyle E. Coyote.

Sirko tells him he knows he didn’t kill him for revenge because Dex barely knew Sgt Mike. Dex describes in detail how he killed Viktor and tells him he’s going to do the same to him.

Sal shows up at Dexter’s and tells him he wants to write a book about him. Dex tells him he’s got a book idea about a true crime writer who’s implicated in an unsolved crime. Sal begins cursing him but then keels over in an obvious heart attack. Dex knows it was Hannah.

Jamie tells Quinn that he just keeled over. Dex tells hum he performed CPR until the EMTs got there. Quinn asked if they were arguing and Dex admits he yelled at him because Sal accused him of doing sloppy work.

Deb comes in and sees all the blood. She says she knows it was Hannah because Sal told her she’d been poisoning people and surely poisoned Sal too. Deb says she’s going to run a tox screen on Sal’s body and bring Hannah in for questioning.

Hannah’s brought in cuffed but doesn’t look worried and Dex muses that she should be more concerned. Deb interrogates her and tells her that Sal’s dead. Hannah plays dumb and asks what happened. Deb outright accuses her of poisoning Sal. She tells her she has proof that she stabbed the wife in the hotel murders and that Beverly (Hannah’s old boss) had plant poison in her body.

Hannah tells Deb to charge her or let her go. Deb lets her go. Hannah tells her that her grandma always said “Trust those that seek the truth, but not those that say they found it.” Dex says Hannah won’t survive his questioning.

Hannah admits to Dex she poisoned Sal, but he’s furious because his apartment is a crime scene. She tells him she got him with a poison pen but the toxin is undetectable. She’s still worried about the book until Dex tells her that he deleted all the files. He wants to know about her husband. She tells him that he threatened to leave her because she got pregnant so she offed him, but says the baby was a miscarriage.

She tells Dex that it’s huge that she and he were looking out for each other. They kiss and embrace.

Quinn gives Angel a check for the 10 grand he needs for his restaurant. He reminds him about his family inheritance (which was just a cover for his dirty cop money) and Angel finally agrees to take it.

Deb’s looking through Sal’s effects when Vince brings in the tox screen results. Nothing showed up and Deb’s appalled that Hannah’s going to get away with it. At home, Deb listens to the recording of Hannah confessing to murdering the wife in the hotel killing.

Dex muses that not only can he not kill Hannah, he can’t stay away from her. He wonders if this is the beginnings of love. His phone buzzes and it’s Deb telling him that Hannah killed Sal and that she’s going to get away with it. She says that justice must be done and asks him to take care of it his way – she says he needs to “do what you do.”

That sucks. Dex finally has his sister’s blessing to kill someone and it’s the woman he thinks he could love.