Did Kate Middleton Lie About Being Bullied?

Did Kate Middleton Lie About Being Bullied? 0720

Reports that Kate Middleton was bullied in grade school are coming under fire from a classmate who attended the private, elite Downe House school in Berkshire along with the Duchess of Cambridge. It’e been widely publicized that Kate’s parents removed her from the school when she was 13 years old after only two terms because she was being taunted by the other girls.

According to Jessica Hay, who ended up selling the story, a bunch of girls put a pile of poo in Kate’s bed while she was there. Ya, that would be enough to make me want to leave too. Carole and Michael Middleton enrolled Kate in Marlborough College in April 1996.

But now classmate Emma Sayle, who asserts she is still a close friend of Kate’s, is speaking out about the messy situation and crying “Foul!” Tom Sykes from The Daily Beast reported that Emma said, “The main points of that bullying story do not add up. There was no poo in her bed because she was a day girl and not a boarder, and she was not bullied for being too perfect. The girls considered perfect were never bullied but idolised. They were the ones ruling the roost… and Kate went on to rule one of the biggest roosts in the world.”

If I was going to be bullied I would only want to be for being too perfect, wouldn’t you? Oh, Kate, you even make being bullied seem glamorous! So was Kate bullied or not? She seems to think so (and Prince William seems to think she still is). In a list of charities she and Prince William asked people to donate to for their wedding, Kate listed Beatbullying.org. At the time  The Daily Mail wrote, “James’s Palace yesterday confirmed the organisations all had ‘a particular resonance with Prince William and Miss Middleton and reflect issues in which the couple have been particularly interested in their lives to date’.”

So she wasn’t bullied for being too perfect. Other reports have stated that Kate was the target because she was shy and skinny. A group of girls called her names and stole her stuff. That sounds more realistic. I just wonder why the poo story has stuck around so long. Kate’s not above getting Katie Nicholl over at the Daily Mail to clarify things for her to the public. Kate might never speak out about her private life but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have people do it for her. Do you think Kate used the bullying story and let it snowball to try to ingratiate herself with her people?


3 responses to “Did Kate Middleton Lie About Being Bullied?”

  1. Guest says:

    You should really get your facts straight before you post a story. Kate never said she was bullied. Jessica Hay said it, and everyone knows she’s a lier. She was caught in that poop in the bed lie along time ago. Emma Sayle never went to school with Kate. Kate met her on the Sisterhood rowing team in 2007. Kate has not had any contact with Emma since she left the rowing team in 2007.

  2. Speigel14 says:

    I think the press is bullying Kate and Pippa. They don’t like anyone who is too perfect so want to continually knock them off the pedestal the press built in the first place. Leave them alone. Stop following Pippa around and you won’t catch her doing anything wrong, which is what you are looking for in the first place. They’re human. Bound to make mistakes like any of us. Calling Kate a liar is rather ridiculous.

  3. Senior says:

    OH, Please! The only bully is Kate! She is the one who nailed a prince! That takes one professional B*ch to do so!