Did Kristen Stewart Sleep with Sean Penn To Earn Her Role In Into The Wild?

Did Kristen Stewart Sleep with Sean Penn To Earn Her Role In Into The Wild? 1202

How long is it going to take for people to stop thinking Kristen Stewart’s a trampiric skank? A year? A couple years? How long until she can talk about her directors without everyone thinking about Rupert Sanders in the Mini Cooper? It is unfair? Of course it is! Like it or not, Kristen Stewart is a talented, in demand actress. Unfortunately for her she’s created a reputation and everything she says in an interview is scrutinized unmercifully. Case in point – Backstage magazine.

She’s talked before about her terrible audition process for Sean Penn for In the Wild but everything post-Rupert Sanders tends to be much more sordid for people.

“After I did a reading, we met again like a week later and I played a song for him. I botched it so badly, it was awful. I learned ‘Blackbird’ on guitar, but it was difficult to sing at the same time. It was very embarrassing, but he gave me the part anyway,” she told the magazine. “He said he wanted me to be in the movie he just didn’t know in what capacity yet. Then he called me and said, ‘Hey you want to do this thing?’ I was like, ‘Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?’”

I see nothing leading in this quote but some people have. Did Kristen Stewart sleep with Sean Penn? How the hell should I know? But she was practically a child when all that went down so the idea is gross and insulting. She should be able to talk about her job without people thinking she’s throwing up casting couch confessions. I actually loved her in On the Road. It was before I knew who she was and I gave her a shot in Twilight because she impressed me so much in her little role. Also, if you’re ever in doubt about Kristen Stewart’s talent then watch Speak. It’s based on the YA book and it’s awesome. I turned to it one night with no intention of finishing it and I sat through the whole thing. I’m not leading you astray. Trust. It’s good.

Kristen also discusses how the media has nasty a habit of taking her quotes out of context (What?? No one does that EVER!). “There’s been a couple of things recently where I just went…what the fuck? It always ends up being something that you kind of said but it’s changed so…I don’t even want to say ‘masterfully,’ because it doesn’t take an intelligent person to do this, it just takes a very conniving, manipulative capitalist motherfucker. The thing is, some people live on the battlefield and some people don’t. I just don’t live my life like that so I never anticipate those things. But you encounter people in your life that are about divide and conquer, and it’s crazy.”

I’ve got to give her credit there for not backing down. Kristen Stewart does herself no favors at times but she doesn’t rarely apologizes. She could have hidden away forever after the scandal and got all Kate Middleton paranoid about her image but she didn’t. She licked her wounds and seemingly started right back up where she left off. I respect that and I like this interview. I can’t help myself but I just might be a fan.



18 responses to “Did Kristen Stewart Sleep with Sean Penn To Earn Her Role In Into The Wild?”

  1. Lulu Collazo says:

    Great article! I do agree, she is in fact the best actor of her generation. That’s a fact.

  2. mm says:

    Since she was a MINOR when she was cast, are you calling Sean Penn a pedophile??? Should Sean Penn now be prosecuted and put on the registrar’s list as a sexual predator?

  3. THERE is intelligent life out there. Thanks for telling it like it is and giving her a break and not hating on her like some of the other idiots out there that claim to be journalist. Again thank you Also I have been watching some of the movies that she has made and she is indeed a good actress.

  4. Disgusted with Hollywood says:

    l0 years from now, no one is going to remember who she was because I do not think she is a good actress. Who do Rupert and Kristen think they are fooling? Any idiot can see from the photos of them (their body language is very very familar and I find it hard to believe they both are calling this a momentary discretion. If that is the case, they are very good actors…both of them. Out in the public and not even a care about the consequences…especially how hurt two little chidren could be….and how tragic for the innocent wife…s

    • nikola6 says:

      Ah yes, the innocent wife. Who in the immediate aftermath of the situation, posted a very adolescent tweet going after the girl instead of her husband (a rather dignified way for a distraught wife to respond). Whose brother said this “affair” had been ongoing since the filming of SWATH which was later retracted but damage done and which contradicted ALL reports from that set. (which poses the question, just who was it that directed the press to the obscure brother?) Who has posed fully frontally nude in photoshoots. Who capitolized on this situation by smiling for the papps and walking the runway at Fashion Week in NY grabbing all the headlines (how broken up she was by all of this). And who engaged in her own extra-marital affair a couple of years ago. Not a couple of kisses but a full blown sexual affair that her husband forgave. Don’t worry about Liberty Ross. That gal is a player and this indicent had made her world famous.

    • S.L says:

      I’m rolling my eyes at you

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  6. cinthia maykelking says:

    top of this, there are worst in Hollywood history, she is talented, great actress, that people never see the good, just waiting for a mistake to remember a lifetime, this girl is precious, is beautiful and got high, to judge only god, we are more people who love and admire, look only forward, never back, if Robert really loves you, forgiveness of heart and will go on, no matter bad people or evil comments, only your family and Rob god bless you woman, and stop and tabloids, gossip report important things not cruel …

  7. ABV says:

    Thank you for seeing Kristen as a Talented,who gives a f**k actress.She’s one of the best in HW and people need to give her a break..Honestly,if I read about the cheating scandal one more time,I’m gonna scream,Rob’s forgiven her and they’re moving on,let’s all do that.

  8. nikola6 says:

    You might want to watch those lurid headlines. True, your story was simply more speculation, no actual accusations and in fact, was very simpathetic to Stewart. However, by merely suggesting that Sean Penn may have engaged in a criminal act with a minor, considering his sense of justice and his friendship with Kristen, you might want to re-think this approach. I hear he’s got a hot head and isn’t afraid to take someone on. Just something to think about.

  9. newlife12 says:

    So you say that you think it is ridiculous for people to think of her as a trampiric skank, but you didn’t mind using a title for your article that would supposedly disgust you in order to draw people in to read it. If you really think it should stop, then I guess you shouldn’t engage in it at all, either. Just sayin’…

  10. S.L says:

    Never thought i’d actually read an article on here that didn’t bash kristen and throw in copy and pasted lies. Kristen is in fact an amazing actress and for people to insinuate she slept with directors to get roles is disgusting seeing that in most of her films she was underage which would in fact make her a victim. Some people need to think before they write. speak god i go threw every possible emotion when I watch that movie it helped in ways I rather not share but ever since that movie i’ve been a fan and I will cont. to be one

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  12. i?britboys says:

    i’m shocked to see this sort of pro-kstew article on this site…and disappointed that stew’s money can buy everybody, including celebdirtylaundry.

    • celebdirtylaundry says:

      You could not be more wrong. No one bought us. We have different writers, with different points of view. This writer believes what she wrote. All our writers have opinions we have several who are pro-Kristen and several that are not. That is what makes this site so popular our writers have a voice!!!!

  13. I really liked your article, yes she was great in Speak, I think she did her job and did it great, it’s to bad that she has made a mistake and no one will let it go, I forgive her for what she did, sometimes people make mistakes for whatever reason, but the sad thing is no one will let it go, so how can Rob forgive her when it’ in his face all the time, I hope he does, she loves him and I think he loves her too, but it’s really hard to say what will happen, good luck Kristen.

  14. CH53 says:

    Kristen Stewart couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    She probably would do good in porno, she’s had enough practice.