Does Adele Have A New Man?

Does Adele Have A New Man?

The queen of heartbreak might not have anything sad to write about if the rumors of a new relationship are true.  While the 23 year-old singer has sold millions (ok, probably billions) of her latest album 21, she’s also been faced with the heartache that comes with it.

I can’t imagine having to constantly belt out lyrics of a crushed heart night after night, but Adele does it with dignity and grace.  When fans heard of a possible reuniting a few months ago with a certain ex who was said to be the flame that inspired the album, we all gasped in shock.

It seems that we need not worry, as the young songstress is said to be dating Simon Konecki, the head of Drop4Drop, an English charity committed to solving the world’s water crisis.  Not bad girl, not bad at all.  The two were seen kissing recently at Florida’s Everglades National Park, where they also took to the swamps in an airboat.

Adele might be resting her voice for the moment (after recently undergoing throat surgery), but that sure doesn’t mean she needs to rest her heart!

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