Does Sonja Morgan Need a Refresher on the Rules of the Pecking Order?

Does Sonja Morgan Need a Refresher on the Rules of the Pecking Order?

Remember last year, when Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan told her rookie cast mate, Cindy Barshop, that she was violating the rules of the pecking order by being disloyal to their co-star, Ramona Singer? You remember, the infamous fight over tea where Sonja scolded Cindy for her rude behavior towards Ramona, since Cindy’s friendship with Ramona was what landed her on the show in the first place?

“She knows very well that I meant that if Ramona thought enough of her to bring her into the group with loving arms, that she should respect that,” Sonja later explained. “Ramona rallied everyone together for Cindy only to be hurt, and I wasn’t sure Cindy got that.”

Some may say that Sonja could use some of her own advice, for it would seem that she is doing the exact same thing to co-star LuAnn de Lesseps this season. If you recall back on Season 3, it was LuAnn who first introduced Sonja to the group of women that are The Real Housewives of New York. It was LuAnn who got Sonja on the show.

Yet when it comes to the conflict between Ramona and LuAnn, Sonja has made it clear her loyalties lie with Ramona.

In the season premiere, LuAnn invited Sonja to her daughter’s art show and when Sonja did not show up, LuAnn said she was frustrated that she never sees Sonja anymore and that Sonja never returns her phone calls anymore because she is always with Ramona.

Sonja was also quick to minimize Ramona’s actions, and implied that she felt LuAnn’s refusal to let the issue drop made her more at fault than Ramona. “Ramona’s comment was that LuAnn was a weekend mother, not a bad mother,” Sonja wrote when weighing in on last Monday’s episode. “Still, Ramona should have never gone there. I still wish Luann would let it go. It’s all getting old.”

Just last year, however, Sonja was quick to criticize Cindy for being critical of Ramona.  “I asked her to not put Ramona down,” she wrote. “Ramona introduced her to us, and then she’s not tolerant of the Ramonacoaster! There is a pecking order. Take care of those who take care of you.”

Ramona took care of Cindy the same way LuAnn took care of Sonja, so by constantly ditching LuAnn for Ramona and siding with Ramona in her conflict with LuAnn, how exactly is Sonja taking care of those who took care of her? Where is her loyalty to LuAnn? What do you think? Do you find this hypocritical?




2 responses to “Does Sonja Morgan Need a Refresher on the Rules of the Pecking Order?”

  1. Stam100 says:

    I like this! Except Lu Lu didn’t bring me on the show. They found me when it was manhattan moms. I know Ramona forever and Lu for a few yrs now. I can’t make heads or tails of their undercurrent! But it’s bigger than the argument. Thx for following We love you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sonja just can’t handle the fact that she IS a hypocrite–and even worse, an idiot!