Emily Maynard and The Bachelorette Show Producers Scammed Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk Jr

Emily Maynard and The Bachelorette Show Producers Scammed Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk Jr

How the Bachelor/Bachelorette television franchise is still going strong is beyond me. It’s just a bunch of desperate wannabe actors and actresses who are looking for a short-cut to the limelight. I highly doubt, anyone is seriously on the show looking for “the one”. You can’t find the love of your life on a reality-based television show. It’s plain to see just by the percentage of the successes to the failures. In fact, only two — yes, two — couples have lasted since The Bachelorette premiered in 2003, and none at all from the The Bachelor series.

And now, it’s being reported that the ceremonies and reactions are manipulated and coerced if not outright lied about. A show insider told RadarOnline exclusively that during the recent installment of the franchise, Jef Holm was told by producers that Emily Maynard was leaning towards choosing Arie Luyendyk Jr., and they did this to get an extremely emotional and raw reaction on camera when he turned out to be the one chosen.

“This is done every season on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Producers always tell the contestant who is going to be chosen, that they are going to be rejected, and vice versa,” the show insider says, Producers know in advance who is going to be chosen of the final two, and they feel that this is the best way to get an extremely emotional exchange on camera that makes for amazing television.”

Wow, so this insider is saying that the reactions on the show aren’t real? That there is manipulation and lying on a reality TV show? What a shock!

“There was never any doubt that Emily was going to choose Jef, and he was very confident that he was going to be chosen. But producers were in his ear all day leading up to the final rose ceremony saying it looked like Emily was having a massive meltdown and was leaning towards choosing Arie. By the time Jef got to the final rose ceremony he thought for sure he was a goner, and when Emily chose him you can literally see the shock on his face and that is the moment that producers were looking for.”

No wonder all the contestants (yes, contestants, not “dates” or “potential life partners”, let’s be real here) always appear super emotional and often times irrational.  It was very hard to believe the crying, the outbursts, and the vows of undying love after having only known each other for a matter of weeks, was real. It’s also sad to see that when a person, such as Arie Luyendyk Jr., seems to have genuine feelings for someone, that he is essentially being led like a trusting little puppy to believe that those feelings are being reciprocated.

“Of course, Jef then proposed to Emily and she accepted. Poor Arie went into to that situation believing that he was being chosen, and of course, he wasn’t,” the insider reveals.

And as previously reported on Celeb Dirty Laundry, like nearly every Bachelor/Bachelorette couple before, Maynard dumped Holm after briefly being engaged.

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