Even With Diabetes, Paula Deen Won’t Give Up Eating Butter

Even With Diabetes, Paula Deen Won't Give Up Eating Butter

Paula Deen and butter go together like, well, high-fat peanut butter and sugar-coated jelly.

Among the Food Network star’s many butter-themed recipes are: butter baked chicken, deep-fried butter balls, and apple butter pie. She even sells butter-flavored lip balm!

So Paula’s recent confession that she has Type 2 diabetes has many people angry over the fact that she has been shilling her unhealthy, artery-clogging recipes for so many years, without ever cautioning that eating a butter-laden diet could cause major health problems.

Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later,” fellow chef Anthony Bourdain Tweeted after hearing the news that Paula is now endorsing a diabetes medication.

According to US Magazine, however, 64-year-old has no plans to end her love affair with butter and fried foods, despite her illness:

I will never use a substitute for butter. Margarine is one molecule away from eating plastic,” she said. “If I’m going to eat that type of food, it’s going to be the real deal. There is a good chance that I can cut down on the amount of butter now that I’m aware, but will I cut butter out of my life completely? No. I will take measurements to manage it.”

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  • why dont you “food nazis” go take an italian cruise..and shut the hell up…judge NOT lest ye be judged…im sure you are all living “perfect lives…..hypocrites

  • MacTownNinja

    She doesn’t need to, because butter doesn’t cause diabetes. It’s significantly better for you than the synthetic crap – margarine. No doubt that fried foods are not good for you, but they do NOT cause diabetes either.  Diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to produce sufficient insulin to lower blood sugar.  Blood sugar is raised by consuming sugar and starches (like grains), NOT by consuming fats.  In fact, fat consumption slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream so that it has LESS impact on your insulin levels.  Paula’s problem isn’t that she eats butter, it’s that she eats sugar and starch.

  • Maid Mirawyn

    I’m glad to see she’s going to be more conscious of her portions, because that’s the key. I would rather use real butter than margarine, with all its problems.

    Oh, and “apple butter” has nothing to do with BUTTER. It’s basically spiced applesauce, but with a little more sugar and cooked down to a thicker, buttery consistency. There’s also peach butter (which I love even more than apple butter), plum butter, pumpkin butter, and sweet potato butter. And none of it contains butter.

    • I am so glad you mentioned Peach Butter. I’ve hated Apple Butter all of my life! I look forward to finding some Peach Butter!

  • Kai

    I’m all for butter sometimes–imo, nothing can replace bread and butter–but despite them being on the wrong topic as far as diabetes is concerned (that is about sugar and carbs, not fat) I still don’t like the attitude some people have with healthier substitutes. Some act like butter is the one and only, and life would be over if they ever tried something else, as if a substitute is a sin. Considering how many people die of heart disease in this country, you’d think that people would be a little less harsh on those who change their diets or recommend an alternative. However, as soon as you mention an alternative, the eyes start rolling and everyone thinks you’re on your high horse…when many times, it’s the people who won’t tolerate hearing about something that’s healthier who are on a high horse. Kind of like the Italian cruise comment guy…judge not lest ye be judged, yet you’re judging others yourself…and not being very nice about it either.

    The butter you are buying in the store (or any dairy product) most likely isn’t much better for you than anything synthetic anyways, or as people I know put it–“made by scientists”. Unless you know what conditions the cows lived in that provided the milk to make that butter, chances are, they weren’t very good. They were taken from their mother a day after being born, dosed with artificial hormones, and forced to pump 10x more milk than they naturally would. 30-50% of dairy cows in these conditions suffer from a painful condition called mastitis, an infection that causes inflammation in the breast. Not exactly a natural or healthy sounding condition, is it? Cows usually live 25 years, but dairy cows for this country live 4-5 years because of the circumstances. So before people act as if butter is the elite and all natural choice, educate yourselves and realize that there are alternatives–and they’re not any more “gross” than the stuff you’re already eating. There are brands out there that don’t take milk from abused dairy cows, but use cows in a more humane way (cows that get to roam in the open air and eat GRASS like they’re supposed to)–and aren’t pumped with any hormones.

    I’m all for butter sometimes, I just think it’s common sense that eating it every day isn’t good for you, even if you limit your intake. Smoking a couple cigarette a day is better than a pack, but obviously smoking none is even better.

    I’ve gotten into enough arguments with people over health and diet that go nowhere because people believe what they want and ultimately, don’t want anyone telling them what they should and shouldn’t eat. However, before people pass opinions on alternatives or categorize all of them as a certain way, maybe they should try some first or do research. :) I don’t care how people live their lives–I just think there’s nothing shameful with trying something else and seeing if you
    like it. I personally like Earth Balance, it’s an all natural vegan alternative that is made
    from a blend
    of natural oils–(soybean, palm fruit, canola, and olive oil) and has NO
    hydrogenated oils, trans fats, dietary cholesterol–and it is 100%
    kosher and gluten free.

    All that being said, I absolutely love Paula Deen. <3

    • Kai..

      Do yourself a favor and spend some time researching WHY animal fat like butter is healthier than your man made vegan spread.   Also read up on why soy is not the perfect food you think it is.

    • Esbee

      have you heard how bad canola oil is for you—it is called rapeseed and produces an industrial oil -scientists genetically modified it to make it edible for humans but still not good for you….also today’s soy has been genetically modified also.  I do agree about the butter, make sure the cow is fed right.  but the USDA is trying to make it near impossible for people to raise healthy cows because of a program called NAIS-ADT that will favor corporate ag/factory farms and penalize people who privately own a few cows or chickens, goats, or even horses for riding…see no nais dot org for more info on the program that will affect all who eat. 

  • She should not give up eating butter. She should do it in moderation. Don’t you know that your body processes butter more effectively than margarine. Margarine is a synthetic and stays in your system for about a month. Butter is gone in a couple of days!

  • deb

    seriously?  in this day and age, it was her responsibility to caution that eating whatever in excessive quantities could lead to major health problems?  

  • Katrina

    Good!  Butter has nothing to do with diabetes, and is much healthier than margarine.

  • Star Setting

    I’m sad for Paula, but not all that surprised. Maybe she should look into a healthier diet to treat her diabetes instead of drugs? There’s lots of interesting information available at this noncommercial, science based site. To quote the good doctor: “It is too bad Paula Deen missed this opportunity” to tell her fans “that type 2 diabetes can be prevented, managed, treated, and even cured”.

  • There’s no point in her giving up butter because it’s sugar and refined grains/starches that cause diabetes, not fat.  Simple science, folks.  

  • I love love love Paula Deen. I had the pleasure to eat at her resturant over the Christmas holidays and it was divine. Now back to reality….No I don’t eat that way every day or every week for that matter but I will continue to support Paula. The food was just as good as it is on tv and the service was even better.  Paula Deen is my christmas thankgiving menu not everyday.  Thanks Paula for a wonderful holiday meal. Hhhheeeeyy ya’lll.

  • Vcasagee

    Diabetic education is what it’s all about. When I was hospitalized and diagnosed I got diabetes teaching from one of the dieticians. She told me I could eat anything in the grocery store. The thing is, you have to count your carbohydrates. A dietician will take all your info and tell you how many carbs you can have in a day. You will also be told how much protein, and fat you should limit yourself to. You could eat ice cream all day (even though that would be a stupid thing to do) as long as you don’t exceed your carb count. So you learn to count carbs and eat accordingly. EVERYTHING we eat has carbs, carbs turn into blood glucose (sugar) so starches, butter vs margerine, etc., is all beside the point. I eat what I want, and I only use butter. But after 11 years I know how many carbs are in EVERYTHING I eat so my blood sugar is totally controlled. I’ll bet Paula Deen’s is too. There are occasions when I “over do it” but not for long and I get right back to basics really fast. Because I know, I can eat anything I want.

    So get off Paula’s case. Go get yourself some education and learn what you’re talking about before you start talking about it.

  • guest

    MARGEAUX BAULCH KLEIN, why are you trying to make Paula Deen out to be disinterested that she has diabetes? That is clearly the point of this article. Don’t misrepresent people or you will have fewer and fewer interested in talking to you.

  • Traviesmama

    If you take a tub of margarine and a tub of butter and leave it outside for two weeks, What happens…… The butter will go bad and seperate, bugs and flys will be drawn to it. The margarine will be in the same state you had left it two weeks prior. Same color yellow with NO bugs…. what does that tell ya. The Bugs and Flys wont even touch the synthetic stuff. I vote BUTTER!!

  • Paula Deen is a heavy smoker, and smokers are three times more likely to get diabetes.  In addition, some prescription medicines can cause diabetes in some people.  No matter what anybody says, we do not know for sure whether her diet actually caused the diabetes.

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  • Rebecca

    “Margarine is one molecule away from eating plastic”? What?! It’s made from vegetable oil…

  • WTF

    Refined CARBOHYDRATES are her problem, not butter! Misinformation like that is what has most of America fat and unhealthy in the first place.

  • MK

     Like someone else said as well, people need to get educated about
    diabetes. My husband has diabetes and so does my father in law and both
    eat anything they want. However, they know how much they can eat and
    what’s considered an unhealthy amount and they don’t over do it.

    Just because Paula cooks some foods that everyone might consider unhealthy for a diabetic doesn’t mean that is how she eats all the time. That is her livelyhood, that is how she makes a living. Do you guys continue your jobs when you are done for the day and at home relaxing?  
      Cooking certain dishes and  having a bite while filming a show doesn’t hurt her at all.  Everyone assumes because she cooks like she does that her diet is unhealthy and that may not be true at all. Can you guys honestly say you know ANYTHING about her personal life?  I don’t!    I am so tired of hearing everyone rake her over the coals when they honestly don’t know for sure how she eats.  It’s sad really.


  • earlgrayhot

    A little butter is not going to kill you.  Margerine is nto eveil either.  It’s personal preference.