Fashion Star Recap: Season 1 Episode 3, 3/27/12

Fashion Star Recap: Season 1 Episode 3, 3/27/12

A new episode of Fashion Star airs tonight on ABC and we are excited, love the show – the concept is great!  Designers competed to get a chance to launch their own collection and become the next big fashion brand.  Stores Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue decided which collections they wanted to buy.  On last week’s episode 37-year-old Oscar Fierro originally from El Salvador, was sent packing by the buyers after failing to impress with his cape dress.

What do you think, did you like Oscar’s dress?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know. If you missed the episode you can read our full recap here!

On this week’s show called ‘Here Comes Summer’ LMFAO and Quest Crew perform in celebration of the search for the hottest summer fashion trends! The designers meet with the retailers’ trend reporters in hopes of forecasting on-trend summer looks!

Fashion Star premiere tonight on at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute drama and elimination. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Refresh often to get the most current details!  If you want to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode go HERE!

While you wait for the preview below is a funny video where we get some colorful language from Jessica Simpson.  Butt pads, swamp ass – what does it all mean? Jessica cracks wise on the set of Fashion Star.  Check out the video below!

RECAP: What an amazing way to open the show, LMFO and Quest Crew rock the stage. There are twelve designers left, let’s see how the first three are doing. Orly Shani is working on “summer trends” and she is trying to mix prints to come up with her design.  Nicole gives her some advice to get her on the right track. Barbara Bates is doing color blocking, which is more main stream, she is really working hard to get a bid. Ronnie Escalante is worried, he is paying attention to trends and being too safe, Nicole wants him to let go.

Nikki Poulos is working on a jumpsuit and needs to worry about wedgies, Sarah Parrott is going to work on things she has in her wardrobe. Nsimiro Oputa is going to work on bold colors, Nicole thinks the colors are too feminine.

Ross Bennett is stubborn, Nicole wants him to focus on something different than the Texas girl. Lizzie Parker is trying to incorporate heavy metal into her dress. Kara Laricks is excited having gone from the bottom to the top, she is creating a tuxedo pant.



Barbara Bates – Shirt Dress – No Offers

Edmond Newton – Maxi Dress – No Offers

Kara Laricks – Tuxedo Pants – Saks $50,000

Lisa Vian Hunter – No offers

Lizzie Parker – Sheath Dress – No Offers

Luciana Scarabello – Color Block Dress – No offers

Nicholas Bowes – No offers

Nikki Poulos – Palazzo Jumpsuit – Macy’s $50,000

Nzimiro Oputa – European Cut Shorts – H&M $50,000

Orly Shani – Sheath Dress – Macy’s $70,000 Saks $110,000, Macy’s ups the offer to $110,00, Saks ups the offer to $120,000, Macy”s drops out of the bidding.

Ronnie Escalante – A Symmetrical Shaped Dress – No Offers

Ross Bennett – Shorts – Macy’s $70,000, H&M $70,000, both stores up it to $100,000, Macy’s further ups it to $120,000

Sarah Parrott – Maxi Dress – H&M $50,000


Lizzie, Luciana and Edmond are called to the stage, someone is going home. The mentors decide to save Edmond.

ELIMINATED: Lizzie Parker