Fashion Star Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 “Buyer’s Choice” 5/8/12

Fashion Star Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 "Buyer's Choice" 5/8/12

A new episode of Fashion Star airs tonight and the episode is called “Buyer’s Choice.”  Fashion star offers designers the chance to sell their designs at Macy, Saks Fifth Avenue and H & M.

On last week’s episode Nikki Poulos, Ross Bennet and Orly Shani had no offers.  The buyers decided to save Nikki Poulos and Orly Shani and Ross Bennett was eliminated.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s show it is Buyer’ Choice and they will get to choose what the designers design – with only two episodes left everything changes.  The final six designers work directly with the designers and their is no mentors save this week.  At the end of the episode not one, not two but three designers will be eliminated.

Who do you think is the Fashion Star?  Who are you rooting for?  Hit the comments and let us know!

Fashion Star is on tonight at 8 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute drama and elimination. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Refresh often to get the most current details!  If you want to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

Tonight’s Recap:  This week double the money is on the line as the designers work with buyers Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H & M.  tonight no one is safe, three designers will go home tonight.  We are one week away from the winner of fashion star, tonight will decide which three will make it to the finale.

Tonight show opens up with Nicole Richie previewing her new collection for Winter Kate. The buyers met with each designer and decided what was needed to complete their current collection this week.  Nzimiro want to sell to Saks First Avenue bbut is nervous about designing as Safari jacket for them just in case they don’t bias.  Jessica and Nicole suggests he go ahead and design it.  Nzimiro is having problems, things are not going like he envisioned.

Katra has not sold to Macys or H & M so therefore she is designing for them.  Nzimiro – did the very jacket and the mentors are really happy that he went for.  Orly  really wants to sell to Macy’s – they are the only store she has not sold to yet. She has also sold less than all the other designers.  H & M wants Nikki to have tailoring and structure.   Saks Fifth Avenue is expecting a day dress from Ronnie.


Nzimiro OputaCasual Trousers – NO OFFER  Safari Jacket – NO OFFER

Kara LaricksTrench Coat – Macy’s $60,000  Saks Fifth Avenue $50,000  Sexy Dress – Macy’s $60,000  H & M $60,000 (she goes with H&M)

Luciana Scarabello Cropped Jacket & Shorts  – NO OFFER   High Waisted Skirt  –  NO OFFER

Nikki PoulosAsymmetrical dress  – Macy’s $50,000  Saks Fifth Avenue $50,000 (she chooses SAKS)  Pants & Blouse – NO OFFER

Ronnie EscalanteWomen’s Suit  – Macy’s $50,000  Menswear Inspired Dress – H & M $110,000  Saks Fifth Avenue $100,000 (H & M gets the dress)

Orly ShaniStructured Dress – Saks Fifth Avenue $60,000 Blazer & Wide Leg Trousers – H & M $100,000