Ferrari Driving Justin Bieber Brags About Being Stopped By Police (Photo)

Ferrari Driving Justin Bieber Brags About Being Stopped By Police (Photo)

Justin Bieber is just not winning anymore. The teen music superstar had a weekend made in the sweaty streets of a war torn country after his girlfriend of two years dumped him. Beliebers became raging lunatics and branded Selena Gomez as an overreacting drama queen, while Gomez’s fans hit back at the Beliebers and called their boy a cheating fool. The sad third party, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Barbara Palvin, became road kill in the mudslinging match of acerbic quips and viral tweets. Unfortunately, this was not the end of Bieber’s woes.

Early last night, the pop superstar was pulled over by a string of police vehicles for an unknown crime. The Biebs was driving an expensive, white Ferrari, and according to TMZ, he was not alone in the car – a friend joined him on his little road trip. Witnesses at the scene said that Bieber was cooperative while the friendly policeman inspected his driver’s license and the hot vehicle. He was ticketed on the scene and sent on his merry way. This wouldn’t really have been a story if it weren’t for Bieber’s damn Instagram.

Bieber took an image of the rearview mirror of his Ferrari and bragged about being pulled over by the police, because, you know, breaking the law is so much fun!

Ferrari Driving Justin Bieber Brags About Being Pulled Over By Police (Photo)

Bieber is in the hot seat of public scrutiny, and whilst we’re all for giving celebs their necessary privacy, the story of the break-up won’t settle anytime soon. Media outlets are scouring the Twitter pages of Palvin, Gomez, and Bieber in order to sink their teeth into a rogue tweet. Incorrect punctuation, grammar, and syntax, could prove deadly to all three. We use this as an example – “We’re eating dad!” versus “We’re eating, dad!” See the difference?

What do you think about Bieber’s little violation? Is it cool to break the law? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Credit: Instagram and Fame/Flynet

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