Friend Finally Defends Pippa Middleton’s Gun Scandal

Friend Finally Defends Pippa Middleton's Gun Scandal 0624

Pippa Middleton’s been quiet – almost too quiet – since her infamous Parisian gun scandal in April, but one friend is finally speaking out in her defense over the incident that put a hefty dent in the Middleton family’s seemingly graceful and unflappable rise into England’s upper crust of society.

The Daily Mail caught up with Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait over the weekend at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park. It was his over the top, lavish, 30th birthday party Pippa attended the day before the incident. He and his brother Marcy were sitting in the back seat and accompanying Pippa to the train station when the driver Roman Rabillard flashed a fake gun at a chasing paparazzo.

“It’s sad and stupid. It was just a very fun party for my 30th, it wasn’t crazy at all. It was just very good fun,” he said rather flippantly. “It wasn’t very nice for her [Pippa] – she wasn’t involved at all. I’m sad for her because everyone has been extremely mean.”

Thank you Arthur! Finally someone has said it! It wasn’t Pippa’s fault and her reputation has been tarred and feathered from the incident. She’s laid low over the past couple months while stories have swirled that she and Kate Middleton are on the outs and that she might move to America to revitalize her image.

Kate’s had one of the most amazing years of her life since joining the firm. She’s been heralded as the second coming and Pippa’s been ragged on as a social climbing opportunist. How’s that fair? Now true, Kate doesn’t go to parties where grown men wear dog collars and little people dress as 18th century aristocrats and dance on tables, but Pippa’s 27 and rich – let her live a little!

I refuse to stop championing Pippa. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s not her fault. Since her sister became a duchess, she’s rarely uttered a word to reporters, her legs are always closed tight when exiting cars and she’s chosen a career over men. Since when are those actions indicative of bad girl behavior? If anything, Pippa might be too boring. When her impressive butt launched a thousand facebook hits we all thought a star was born. We couldn’t wait to see what the vivacious and beautiful Pippa would do next. When she didn’t do much, other than go to work and a seemingly endless amount of weddings, I think people felt a little cheated. Where was our new glamour girl? Well, it turned out that Kate became that girl so the media turned Pippa into the wild child.

I want to see her redeem herself even though she hasn’t done anything in need of redeeming. How about you? Are you over Pippa or do you still think she can take the world by storm?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures