Furious Demi Lovato Bashes Bath Salt Druggies on ‘X-Factor’

Furious Demi Lovato Bashes Bath Salt Druggies on 'X-Factor'

Demi Lovato kicked two rappers off the stage during the X-Factor North Carolina auditions after the pair made a reference to smoking bath salts, the popular drug that is a growing — and dangerous — fad among young adults all across the country.

TMZ reports that the drug-lovin’ pair laid down a fairly blatant lyric that, while not outrageous by rap standards, really irked Demi. “I’m getting high off bath salts,” rapped the group. Demi, with a touch of ferociousness, said, “It’s really inappropriate to rap about drugs in front of kids.”

Sure it is, Demi, you’re right! It’s also inappropriate for teen idols to do drugs when you have a mass, underage following. We’re not calling you a hypocrite or anything . . . we’re glad you nipped this one in the butt before they went any further in the competition. Good for you, Demi. This drug is a growing problem among American youth, countless deaths have occurred, and they definitely don’t need anything in the media to encourage them — even if it is indirect or non-intentional promotion.

What do you all think? Was that line “bad” enough to warrant their dismissal from the singing competition?

Demi is no stranger to the drugs, as she did a brief stint in rehab back in 2011, during which she admitted to using drugs, among other substances including alcohol, when she was underage. Sounds like this whole ordeal hit a little too close to home for Demi.

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