Gabriel Aubry Back In Court Seeking Lots Of Halle Berry’s Money

Gabriel Aubry Back In Court Seeking Lots Of Halle Berry’s Money

The bitter battle wages on for Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry over their four-year old daughter Nahla.  This time around Aubry is looking to “substantially increase” the child support payments he receives from Berry each month, according to Radar Online.  Unlucky Aubry didn’t have an opportunity to have the case heard on Thursday, instead a continuance was granted by the judge.

The former couple split in 2010 after five years together and have battled over their daughter ever since.  Often it seems that they both use Nahla to harm each other.  More drama looms in the future it seems.  Berry has made it clear she’d like to relocate to France to be with her fiancé, Oliver Martinez.  This is, of course, something Aubry opposes and intends to hash out in court if necessary.

At this point Aubry is required to have supervised visits with his daughter and no overnight visits are allowed.  This is because Aubry has a violent temper and the courts as well as Child Protective Services have deemed him to be a marginal parent, at best. With that sort of custody in place one is led to question why he receives ANY money from Berry at all.

Do you think the custody agreement is in little Nahla’s best interest?  Should Aubry be awarded more money for the child he rarely sees?  Which parent is really using Nahla as leverage here?  Certainly they both seem to have the poor child’s interests firmly behind their own.  Is Aubry a violent snake trying to rip off Berry?  Is Berry a bitch who is using parental alienation to hurt Aubry. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Mulhernhannelore says:

    Halle should not pay him a dime.I think he’s using the little girl.halle your’e the best. wuensche dir alles gute your big fan hannelore.