‘GCB’ 4/8/12 Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Turn The Other Cheek’ Review

'GCB' 4/8/12 Season 1 Episode 6 'Turn The Other Cheek' Review

GCB graced us with its presence once again this week and the Good Christian Bitchiness was in abundance. Two episodes aired last night and the drama continued. If you missed the show, or have chosen not to step into the crazy world of Dallas, Texas, then take a glance over our review. Perhaps it will inspire you to get down and dirty with high society Dallas next Sunday.

Carlene started off singing a song in church and the gossiping quickly began when she noticed Amanda getting all close with her brother, Luke — and new romantic interest. The drama continued to escalate when Carlene’s brother invited her to be his date to Carlene’s vow renewal. Let’s just say that threw Carlene completely off her rocker. When Carlene objected to the idea, her brother said he wouldn’t attend. Carlene stripped Sharon of her Matron of Honor title and gave it to Amanda, being that that would be the only way to get her brother to attend the ceremony.

Sharon was, needless to say, quite pissed.

Amanda struggled throughout the episode trying to prove her worth as Carlene’s Matron of Honor and failed on multiple accounts. Account #1: Not labeling the appetizers at the party; in effect, creating “a buffet of death”. Account #2: Giving the gift of vibrations (if you catch my drift) at a GCB “bachelorette” party. Account #3: Wearing a glitzy black dress to an all-girls hunting vacation.

Sharon, while on their hunting vacation, told Amanda that Luke has taken a new date to Carlene’s vow renewal ceremony every year for sixteen years. In a little tuffle with Carlene (what’s new?), Amanda stomped out of the woods and, in the process, tossed her shotgun to the ground. The shotgun went off and — guess what? — shot Carlene in the right butt cheek. See how close I watch these shows for you all . . . I even remembered which butt cheek Amanda nearly shot off :)

During a moment of attempted reconciliation, Amanda let slip that Luke accidentally lost Carlene and Ripp’s marriage license. From that point onward, Amanda and Luke’s relationship headed into some rough and stormy waters. Amanda then realized that the best thing to do would be to go and apologize to Carlene . . . for Luke’s sake.

When Amanda went to reconcile with Carlene, she was turned away with a pile of wedding “memories” that Carlene had saved. In a strange turn of events, Amanda found Carlene’s marriage license (that was never filed, thanks to Luke) hiding in a twenty-year-old wedding cake box.


Luke and Amanda headed to the court place (or wherever the heck you file marriage licenses) to see if they could somehow get the marriage license filed “retroactively.” The clerk turned out to be one of Amanda’s “victims” from high school and had a price for doing this favor for Amanda. He wanted to see her “tatas.” So, being the good friend that Amanda is, she bared her chest to save Carlene’s vow renewal.

Overall, this episode was fun. Honestly, this is a loveable, entertaining show with some likeable characters — even the ever-annoying Carlene has redeeming qualities that make you smile. While I am bit skeptical about the show’s “lastability” factor (i.e. I’m not entirely sure it will make it to season 2), the story is good for what it brings to the table and there are many good things to be found in the series. I think ABC is looking for another Desperate Housewives . . . do  you think this series has what it takes to get there? Hmm. . .

Are you a fan of the show? If so, let us know in the comments section below  and tell us what story arc you’re looking most forward to seeing develop over the coming weeks!

Image Credit to: ABC/KAREN NEAL