Happy Days’ Erin Morin: Not Happy Being Homeless

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Former member of the once popular show, Happy Days, Erin Moran, is homeless after being kicked out of a trailer she shared with her husband and mother-in-law. I’m pretty sure that isn’t making Moran too happy nowadays. A previous star of a once popular television show doesn’t have money, that just sounds like an oxymoron, I mean, I’ve never heard of any celebrity mishandling their money before, crazy.

Back in 2011 Moran, and three other former costars from Happy Days, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, Don Most and the widow of Tom Bosley filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against CBS claiming they were owed money from the sale of Happy Days merchandise. This past July the lawsuit was settled with Moran walking away with around $65,000. It seems though that the money is burning a hole in Moran’s pocket, spending it like crazy.

When Erin goes out to bars, she buys drinks for almost everyone in the place as if she has a never-ending supply of cash,” a source explained. “At this rate, Erin’s money is going to be gone within a matter of weeks – and her quality of life is going to continue to sink lower and lower.

But it seems the Moran has been partying it up for a while and that was the reason she was kicked out of her mother-in-laws house. Although Moran was originally the caretaker of her husband’s mom, her drinking got too out of control and she was kicked out. “Erin was a huge help at first, but then Steve’s mom get fed up with Erin’s nonstop partying and told her to hit the road,” a close source revealed. “Erin was going to bars and coming home at all hours of the night, sometimes with her rowdy bar friends, and Steve’s mom just couldn’t take it anymore.

I don’t blame the woman, she’s 72 years old!

I’m sure Moran’s husband, Steve Fleischmann, is a big help as he works at a Walmart. I hear that Walmart is an awesome place to work and pays REALLY well since the couple now are living at a Baymont Inn & Suites in Corydon, Indiana. That’s if they aren’t at a new hotel by now.

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  1. so sad what liquor does to people.