Has Paris Jackson Gone Boy Crazy?

Has Paris Jackson Gone Boy Crazy?

We are hearing rumors that Michael Jackson‘s 13-year old daughter Paris Jackson has gone boy crazy.  For anyone who has had a teenager daughter this is no surprise, at about 13 they all get interested in boys.  It seems Paris is no different that any other teenage girl and she is ready to date.  A soure revealed she is turning to her aunt Janet Jackson for boy advice.

An insider for the National Enquirer revealed: “Janet acts like both a mom and a friend to Paris.  She’s chatted with her niece about how she should wait many years before she is intimate with a guy.  She also listens to Paris when she speaks about her crushes and answers her questions and boys”

We are also hearing that Paris’ brother Prince Michael is very protective of her and if he hears about any boy interested in his sister he has a talk with them.   He wants Paris to concentrate on school and forget about buys.   Apparently their father Michael Jackson asked Prince Michael to take care of his bother and sisters and Prince Michael takes it seriously.

So there you have the story, what do you think, is it normal to for Paris to want to date boys at 13?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

Image credit: CPA, PacificCoastNews.com

  • Anon

    Yes it is normal for a 13-year-old to be interested in boys.  It is not fair for you (probably aged above 20) to be picking a 13-year-old child by calling her ‘boy crazy’ and trying to give the impression that she is promiscuous.  Pick on someone your own age!

  • Jelboo

    For this day and age, it’s normal, and Paris Jackson is clearly a normal teenager, well-behaved, ambitious and intelligent. And it’s also refreshing to read an article involving MJ without the seemingly obligatory snide remark. :)

    • Andrea Landers

      i agree with you 100 percent

  • Anonymous

    I do NOT believe for one second that Michael Jackson asked his son to take care of his siblings, he PERSONALLY was taking care of them leaving them to be just children. End of story.

    • Jay

      yeah i agree.

  • Oriadakanani

    She have to wait she’s only 13 she’s to young i guess just my opinion!

  • MyImmortal329

    Aw, there’s nothing wrong with being boy crazy at 13.  I was!  There’s a difference between being boy crazy and acting like a…you-know-what.  She seems like a pretty mature child and I think she has a good head on her shoulders.  I bet big bro Prince is protective. :)

  • Jay

    This is stupid. You dont make sense in this freaking article. You cant spell for shit. You dont know what the hell your talking about. Dude, leave the poor girl alone. I mean how do you guys come up with this bullshit. Its rediculous! Stop making up rumours & move on with your life.

  • Rockin Liv

    No shes too young! Also it’s bullshit that she got to see Chris Brown in concert because I’ve never been to a concert before and I’m 14. Also Chris Brown sucks! So does Justin Bieber!!!!
    I Love you Michael so much!!!!

  • Captain_picard17012003

    she’s just too young


    well i think she should finish her education because its the only thing that will broaden her glory than that of the father……. and she should love God