Homeland Season 2 Episode 10 “Broken Hearts” Recap 12/2/12

Homeland Season 2 Episode 10 “Broken Hearts” Recap 12/2/12

Tonight on Showtime is a whole new episode of HOMELAND. On tonight’s episode called “Broken Hearts” On tonight’s show Brody and Walden develop a chink in their political relationship, and it may impact their future, while Dana and Finn come to an understanding concerning their differences.. Did you watch last week’s show? We have a sneak peek it here for you!

On last week’s show fans got a a further mental breakdown of double agent Brody. The pressure was building for the disgraced soldier and playing both sides took it’s toll as he slipped his surveillance team with Mathison’s assistance. With fellow terrorist Roya Hamma, the CIA, his family, and his political ties pulling him in every direction Brody was hurling towards what was surely a climactic and satisfying end.

On tonight’s show Carrie’s car is found crashed, but no Carrie. Is she off on a mental bender or has Nazir picked her up to try and blackmail Brody into pressing on with the mission? Nazir has to know about her – he’s got great intel – so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had picked her up. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s flaked out because Brody’s headed back to her family.

With Carrie, the good thing is, these two are not mutually exclusive. She could be kidnapped by terrorists and crumbling about her weird relationship with Brody simultaneously. Fingers crossed, I hope that’s what we see. She’s been too stable for too long, she’s due for a little mental break.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 2 Episode 10 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Homeland season 2, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!


In a diner, Dar Adal chats with Saul. Saul wants to know about Quinn and Adal says he’s his. Saul wants to know why Estes wants black ops running Quinn. Adal says Estes maybe doesn’t trust him – he asks if Saul’s still afraid to get his hands dirty. Saul admits he likes to think things through. He’s not happy about Quinn running a second mission.

Jessica and Mike are smooching the morning after their rendezvous and discussing their lack of guilt. Brody comes in – doesn’t catch any of this – and says the new place is posh. He thanks Mike for looking after his family. Mike goes to pack up.

Mike grabs his bag and hugs it out with Chris on his way out. He tells them to call if they need anything. Chris asks his dad if he’s a spy now – Brody says no. Chris wants to know if he’ll be sticking around and he says yes.

Jessica wants to know if they can go home. She says the kids can’t miss any more school. Brody says it’s too soon. She says she’s going stir crazy and he says he noticed. Ooh – maybe he did see/hear them smooching! Jessica says she knows Carrie stopped him from going to the cops with Dana about the hit and run.

Brody’s phone rings and it’s Carrie. She tells him he’s got to resign from Congress and turn down the VP nomination, but he needs to offer a good excuse. He says he’ll say he’s got to put family first. She asks how his family is and he says he’s not sure. Carrie tells Brody she’s glad to hear his voice and he dittoes. She hangs up and starts to drive, but her car is T-boned by a large truck.

At the CIA, Estes tells everyone it’s a successful op, but that they have to get Nazir still. Virgil and Saul whisper at the back of the room about Quinn being Adal’s creature. Saul confronts Estes about Quinn’s extra mission and Estes tells him f-you. Estes tells Quinn that Saul knows.

Quinn comes to tell them that Carrie’s gone missing after the wreck. Saul takes off.

At the safe house, they come to say that Ben Walden wants to come see Dana. She agrees to see him.

Brody gets a video call and it’s Nazir who has Carrie tied up and gagged. He tells Brody he’ll call back in one minute and he needs to be alone. Nazir asks him if he thinks that he can betray him and walk away. Brody tells him to let her go. Nazir tells him to go to VP Walden’s office and get him the number off a device near the treadmill. It’s the number of the veep’s pacemaker so it can be remotely accessed.

Brody refuses. Nazir lets Brody see him holding a gun against Carrie’s head and says he’ll kill her if he doesn’t get it. Brody caves and agrees.

Chris comes to ask his Dad if they can finish their card game and he yells at him. Brody calls VP Walden’s office and asks if he’s there. He tells his assistant that he’s coming in. He tells the safe house people that he’s got to go see the VP and they call for a car.

All tied up, Carrie looks at her surroundings and studies what’s available to help her get loose. She’s zip tied to a pole and gagged in what looks like a warehouse with lots of tools lying around conveniently. She gets her foot on a tool, but Nazir comes back and zip ties her feet too. She’s terrified and crying.

At the scene of her accident, Saul’s asking where the f- she is. A witness told Virgil that they saw a man drag a woman into another car. Saul said they never should have let her go around unprotected. They realize it’s Nazir who has her, but wonder why they haven’t heard from him.

Saul calls Brody to tell him Carrie’s missing and that her car’s all smashed up. Saul says Brody was her last call and wants to know if she said where she was going. Brody relays exactly what they discussed, but doesn’t mention he knows who has her. Saul directs him to let him know if he hears from her and he agrees. Sneaky…

Ben comes to see Dana by the pool at the safe house and he wants to know what’s up with the hideout. She says her dad’s some sort of super spy so they’re in danger. He wants to know why she won’t answer his texts and she cuts to it and asks what he wants. He tells her every morning he realizes he killed someone, remembers the sound of her body hitting his windshield and that he can’t take it back.

He says she’s the only one he can talk to and it makes him sick that she hates him. She asked if he knew his Dad would pay them off. He says it’s the way the world works. He wants to know if they can start over and she says it’s too broken. She says basically their relationship died when the woman did.

Virgil ID’s Nazir in a convenience store five blocks from where Carrie’s car was hit.

Nazir brings Carrie some water and she wants to know if that’s how he broke Brody – cruelty and then kindness. She tells him Brody won’t do what he asks because he’ll know Nazir is going to kill her either way. He says that Brody will gamble for her. She tells him that he’s a terrorist and he describes drone attacks as terrorism.

Carrie tells him he’ll never leave the US alive and he says he knows that. Nazir tells her she knows nothing about a true struggle for a cause. He says Americans are too soft to fight the war of the ages against them. He tells her that dying in the cause is an honor and that it may take a few centuries, but they will exterminate the Americans. She repeats that he’s a terrorist.

At the VP’s place, the Marine guards let them in without a hitch. Brody heads in and the assistant says Walden’s still in his meeting and it might be a while. He says he doesn’t mind waiting and turns down the offer of refreshments. Brody excuses himself to the bathroom and asks for directions. He comes around a back way to the upstairs and sneaks up to the office.

He searches for the packet with the pacemaker info and isn’t having any luck. He finally finds it tucked into a cabinet under the bookshelves. He’s scrambling to find the number, but hears voices outside. He can’t read the number and finds a magnifying glass. He calls Nazir and tells him to let Carrie go first. He tells him to text him first. They are at an impasse. He tells Nazir if he kills her, he will never get the number. Nazir tells him he has five seconds.

Brody tells him he doesn’t care if he kills Walden – that he hates him too. He swears on the soul of Nazir’s son and he lets Carrie go. Brody tells Nazir to let him see her get away. He can’t see – it’s too dark. Carrie’s running off and is out of the warehouse. Nazir lets him see her running off across the grounds. He tells Brody to send him the number. He doesn’t. He says send it or I’ll go after her. Brody sends him the number. OMG!

On the street, Carrie’s trying to flag down a passing car that blows by her.

Brody rushes to pack up what he was doing before he’s caught. Walden finds him in his office and asks Brody if he’s getting a feel for the place since it will be his soon.

Nazir’s technician is using the code and a computer program. Is Walden going to have a heart attack right in front of him? Walden thanks Brody for helping bring down Nazir’s network. The VP tells him he wants to get the op declassified so he can tell the whole world what a hero Brody is.

Walden wants to know why Brody came to see him. Brody tells him he can’t run on the Presidential ticket with him because of his family. Walden says f*&^ your family – you don’t walk away from the chance at the second highest office in the land.

Walden starts having chest pains. Brody tells him it’s not for his family, that it’s for him. Brody says he wants to feel clean again and he disagrees with everything Walden says and does. Walden’s struggling and then collapses. He asks Brody to call a doctor and Brody refuses, then blocks Walden as he reaches for the phone.

Walden asks what he’s doing and Brody says ‘You still don’t get it do you?’ Brody says ‘I’m killing you.’ Walden flat lines on the technician’s screen. He tells Nazir that Walden’s dead.

On the road, a truck finally stops for Carrie. She snatches the trucker’s cell phone and calls in to Saul. She tells him where Nazir is and he tells her to sit tight and not go in to try and get him herself. Saul finds it on a map and they call in police, homeland, everyone to surround it.

Estes and Quinn swap a look and Estes picks up a phone. Carrie waits in the darkening gloom on the road side. At the VP’s Brody calls for a doctor.

Saul is stopped before he can leave the building and is told he’s wanted upstairs. He says he’s going to catch a terrorist, but they won’t let him go. Then they tell him there’s a room waiting on him downstairs. He tells the guys to call Estes to straighten it out and they say he’s fully aware. Hmm…

Back at the warehouse, Carrie picks up a pipe and goes to look for Nazir, against Saul’s orders. She opens a door into a dark room…