Homeland Season 2 episode 7 “The Clearing” Recap 11/11/12

Homeland Season 2 episode 7 “The Clearing” Recap 11/11/12

Tonight on Showtime is a whole new episode of HOMELAND.  On tonight’s episode is called “The Clearing” in the aftermath of the ambush, Carrie and the team scramble to gain control of the operation, while Brody attends a well-heeled fund-raiser at a Virginia horse farm.  Did you watch last week’s show?  We have a sneak peek it here for you!

On last week’s show, after confessing to his involvement with terrorist Abu Nazir, played by Navid Negahban, and his failed attempt to suicide bomb the Vice President and his men, Brody is in a tight spot and his only way out is by partnering with the CIA and his former lover, Mathison.

On tonight’s show  prepare to pulled deeper into the schemes of terrorists and those whose job it is to stop them. The CIA is still waiting on information about the impending attack on US soil and Brody and Mathison may be headed back to infidelity bliss which will inevitably fall apart and lead to a crying Claire Danes, which is what the people really want.  In the aftermath of the ambush, Carrie and the team scramble to gain control of the operation, while Brody attends a well-heeled fund-raiser at a Virginia horse farm. Elsewhere, Saul drops in on Aileen, who is in solitary confinement, hoping she can shed some light on the latest attack; and a conflicted Dana leans on Finn to fess up to their crime.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 2 Episode 7 — tonight at 10PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Homeland season 2, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

Tonight’s recap:  Roya’s waiting for Brody on his jogging route and asks if he heard about Gettysburg. She tells him they lost a man in the raid and that Brody will have to take on a larger role. Brody tells her he doesn’t like it because of all of the dead Feds. She mentions the fundraiser he’s to attend that weekend.

Saul’s at the prison to visit Aileen, whose been kept in solitary. He reminds her they drove from Mexico to DC together and that he’s back because he needs her help. She tells him she’d rather talk upstairs and he tells her it’s urgent. They move to an upstairs room and she seems thrilled to see the sun. She’s unshackled and left alone with Saul.

She tells him she gets one hour a day out of her cell. She’s mesmerized by the sunlight. He tells her he needs help and shows the photo of the guy Roya met up with in the park by the fountain. Aileen says she knows him but doesn’t want to be shoved back in solitary. He tells her time is of the essence and she says it’s not for her. She says she wants a window – a cell with a view. Saul tells her he can get it for her. She tells him she doesn’t trust him and he tells her he’ll be back and leaves her there.

Carrie’s in Quinn’s hospital room and they’re debating where the attack will be targeted. She tells him they have enough C4 to level any major building but the good news is that it’s not a dirty bomb since there was no radioactivity. He wants to know where Saul is and she tells him he’s at the prison with Aileen. Quinn dresses and says he’s going to check himself out.

Dana tells Finn she went to the hit and run victim’s funeral and that there was a collection plate passed around that only got $12. He asks if she wants money and she says she wants to tell what happened. He tells her if they were normal people, they could. She tells Finn if he won’t do it with her, she’ll tell on her own. Finn tells her okay, that they can tell.

Jessica and Brody chat on the way to the fundraiser. He asks her about Mike’s visit and she wants to know how he knew. He says Chris told him. She admits Mike told him that he killed Tom. She wants to know the truth. He says he had a part in stopping Tom because he had to be stopped, because he lost his way and couldn’t get right again.

The line of limos pull up to a huge manse in the country and the rich and powerful flood out. Dana wants to know when they’re going to tell and Finn says later, but she insists it has to be today.

Brody want to know how Mike knew about Tom and then told his wife. He accuses her of letting it happen. He also wants to know how she let the disaster at the tailor shop happen. He tells her he’s caught in the middle and hangs up on her. Estes catches up with Brody and confirms that he’s his monitor for the weekend.

Saul visits the warden and asks for her to be moved above ground. The warden isn’t very sympathetic and is throwing his little bit of power around. Saul realizes he’s getting nowhere and says he’ll get an order from the attorney general.

Carrie meets up with Mike to tell him to stand down again. She tells him he needs to leave off Brody because there’s a terrorist attack on the horizon that Brody is key to the investigation. She tells him she knows about he and Jessica and that he’s emotional about her. She tells him she understands, but that he needs to back off and stop talking to Jessica about Brody. She tells him Jessica might need him soon, but to lay off now.

At the party, Brody’s asked about his time as a POW. The ditzy wife of one of the men asks if he ever wanted to kill himself. His son asks him to come swim and he starts to, but he sees the wife checking out his torture scars and puts his shirt back on and walks away.

The VP asks Estes what went wrong at Gettysburg. Estes assures him they’re on it and the VP says he hopes so.

Back at the prison, Saul tells Aileen she’s right and that the warden’s a bastard. He tells her he’s going to go over his head but that he needs her to give him the info now. She screams at him that she doesn’t want to get f&^%$d and she wants her window and wants it in writing. She tells him she’s sorry for the person she’s become.

Brody and Rex are walking the stables and he tells him he’s sorry about the lookie-loo’s at the pool. He tells him he had a hard time in ‘Nam and didn’t think he’d make it back. Brody says he doesn’t like to be called a hero – that all he did was not die. Rex tells him he doesn’t like VP Walden and that he knows something’s coming. He tells him he’s only supporting Walden because he’s looking eight years down the road at him.

Brody tells him outright that he’s not the man to be VP or President. Brody gets a call from Carrie telling him to meet her in the woods. He takes off to meet up with her. She tells him she got Mike to back off. He tells her about Rex being a soldier that didn’t lose himself and the worst part is that Rex thinks he’s that good too. Carrie takes his hand and tells him it doesn’t always work out the way we want.

They kiss passionately. He wants to know if it’s for real or if she’s handling him. Carrie tells him she doesn’t know but doesn’t want him to feel used. He kisses her some more. Brody tells her he feels used, played and lied to but that it feels good and kisses her more. He tells her that 10 minutes with her makes him feel good. He wants to know how she does it. He walks away before she can summon a reply.

Back at Rex’s house… Finn’s avoiding Dana and finishing off people’s drinks. She tells him they need to get it over with but he wants to pick a moment. He tells her they need to pick a good time. Their moms come upon them and Dana abruptly admits they killed someone a week ago.

Jessica and Cynthia (the moms) ask them how they could just drive away. Both moms send the kids out and they discuss how to deal with it. Jessica wants to admit to it and get lawyers, but Cynthia says to leave it to her and they’ll all be fine. Jessica’s not mollified and wants to know how. Cynthia says to follow her lead and Jessica leaves, saying she needs to talk to Brody.

Saul and Quinn speak over the phone and Saul says he’s waiting on the attorney general phone call. Meantime, Saul breaks out bread, cheese and wine contraband for them to share. They toast to her window. Aileen tells him she thinks about their road trip sometimes. He says it was fun under the circumstances. She remembers he was having trouble with his wife and asks how she is. Saul says she’s in India. Aileen says she’s sorry. He tells her he went to Lebanon to be closer, but it didn’t work. He gets a call and tells her it’s done. He says the faxed order should be arriving any minute. She tells him she has to see it first. A guard brings in some papers and Saul gives them to her – he even loans her his reading glasses.

She checks the doc over and tears up. She tells him it’s Mohammed Al Gundi and that he was in Newark somewhere near Military Park and that he’s gun crazy. Saul leaves and tells the guard to keep her in that room until he gets back.

Cynthia tells her hubby the VP about the hit and run. She tells him that their son wouldn’t have come clean if it wasn’t for Dana. Estes is supposed to be handling the DC police. She’s worried that Jessica’s the big problem. Jessica asks Brody if Dana had done something bad would they go to the police or cover it up since they’re in politics.

Finn has packed a bag and is running out, but Dana stops him and says she’s sorry if he’s in trouble. He tells her he’s not a coward, but he knows how it goes. She tells him her parents are different. He tells her she doesn’t understand yet how it goes. He tells Dana she doesn’t get him. He tells her good luck and hops in a limo and is gone without a backward glance.

Rex tells the assembled group of men that he’s supporting Walden for President but that the big surprise is Brody and that’s who should be on the ticket with Walden. The men all toast and Walden pulls Brody aside. He asks what they’re going to do about the kids. Walden says they’re cleaning it up and that Jessica needs to keep quiet. Brody asks if he thinks it’s okay that their kids killed someone. Walden says it’s not but that a screw up by two kids can’t derail them.

Quinn’s in a plane on the way to Al Gundi’s hideout. An FBI team raids the place. Quinn gets there and the guy is named Al Gundi, but he’s a musician whose family was friends with Aileen. Saul and Quinn muse on why Aileen duped them. He rushed back to the room he left her in panicking. She’s in a pool of blood – she slit her wrists – she’s dying and tells him she’s never going back to that cave. She tells him she had a wonderful day by the light. Then she’s gone.

Next day, Brody finds Dana and tells her they’re going to the cops. He hugs her and they head out. She tells him she’s scared and he tells her he’ll be with her. Estes sees them leaving and calls Carrie and tells her Brody’s about to blow everything. He tells her to call Brody.

Quinn’s back at the office and finds Saul there upset about the debacle with Aileen. He says he was sloppy and that he knew better. They discuss the one team member that’s dying in the hospital from the attack.

Brody and Dana pull up to the police station and find Carrie waiting on them. She tells him he can’t go to the cops. She tells him if he reports it, he’ll alienate Walden which will blow the deal with Roya. She tells him if he goes in, he’ll blow his deal and that will impact his whole family. Brody tells Dana they can’t do it right then. Dana blows up and says she knows it’s about the election. He tells her they’ll do it later and she says he’s full of BS and makes her sick.

Brody is furious with Carrie and tells her that none of it is okay. Excuse me, but does Brody really have the right to be indignant? Shouldn’t he be chilling in Gitmo right about now? He is a terrorist after all… A little anger from his daughter seems a small price to pay for walking around free.