Homeland Season 2 Finale 2012 “The Choice” Recap 12/16/12

Homeland Season 2 Finale 2012 “The Choice” Recap 12/16/12

Tonight on Showtime is a whole new episode of HOMELAND. On tonight’s second season 2 finale episode called “The Choice” On tonight’s show Carrie is faced with a pivotal decision, while Brody meets with Faber to contemplate the future of the family.  Did you watch last week’s show? We have a sneak peek it here for you!

On last week’s show Carrie’s hunt for Nazir continues, but she suspects something’s amiss inside the Agency, while interrogation reveals Roya’s true colors. Meanwhile, unexpected circumstances put Saul’s career in jeopardy.

On tonight’s show in the Season 2 finale, Carrie is faced with a pivotal decision, while Brody meets with Faber to contemplate the future of the family. Meanwhile, Saul undertakes a secret assignment; and Quinn has a decision to make that may prove to be a game-changer.  Now that Nazir is dead, Carrie doesn’t need to be running Brody, so why is she running her hands all over his body?

Brody knows, she knows, Saul knows – heck we all know – she was never running him – she was in deep with him all the way. Crazy chick! Saul tells Carrie flat out the she can’t be with him, but she’s fighting for her man. She insists that Brody has never broken a promise to them. I do agree that a soldier who was tortured for his country shouldn’t just be put down like a bad dog.

Carrie and Brody are steaming up the windows and we see Quinn on the hunt, rifle in hand. Saul says there’s an assassination afoot. With Walden dead, is someone after the President? He can’t be talking about Brody – technically he’s still a public figure, so I guess you could call his death an assassination, but it sounds bigger.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 2 Finale — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Homeland season 2, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

Tonight’s recap:  Brody and Carrie are carrying groceries into a remote cabin – it’s Carrie’s family cabin that she and Brody used to hook up in back in the day. He takes her hands and she says to watch the wrists – he calls her a wounded warrior. She says this time they’re here is better because there are no secrets.

She tells him they need to get firewood and make up the bed. Quinn is watching through a high powered scope. When they’re gone into woods, he gets a call from Estes. He says he has eyes on him. Estes tells him to make Brody disappear. He asks if he’s there with Carrie and Quinn asks if it matters. Estes is disgusted that she’s there with him and Quinn asks Estes if he’s never made a mistake in his love life. Estes of course also slept with Carrie (and broke up his marriage) so he’s less than amused with Quinn’s remark.

At the Brody house, Jessica is pulling all of Brody’s stuff out of the dresser – piling his clothes on the floor.

At the cabin, Carrie brings in potatoes and tells him to do something with them and he juggles them. Funny. Brody’s poking around the house and finds a gun – he calls it a souvenir from their last visit. Carrie unloads the gun and stashes the bullets separate from the weapon. She smiles at him and asks him to take a walk.

He asks about the cabin and she says it came from her mom’s family. She tells him the day she left for college that her mom ran out to the CVS and never came back. She says her dad was impossible  – that he had the same condition she has, but didn’t treat it. She tells him he’s medicated and better now.

Brody asks if her mom has ever gotten in touch and she says no and that it hurts. She tells Brody she’s never told anyone that and he strokes her hair. They cuddle and stare out at the lake.

Back in interrogation, they bring Saul’s launch in and he asks if they’ve called Carrie. He tells the guard that there’s going to be an assassination and people need to know. He asks him to call Carrie and he tells him he can’t. Saul tells him to ignore orders and call and he says then he’d be where Saul is.

Brody asks Carrie how he becomes her cabin boy. He says he’d live in, do the cooking, laundry and keep the lady of the house stimulated (he adds “intellectually”). She tells him he’s hired, but then asks if he wants to talk about it for real. He agrees. She asks what his plans are.

He says he won’t be a Congressman and Carrie asks if he’s got any other skills. He tells her he could be a builder or teacher, but says what he really wants to be is a good person. She tells him he is. She says he has a clean slate. He tells her he has her and that’s important. She says she’d like a clean slate too – but that she couldn’t go back to the CIA. He tells her that’s the rub and she agrees.

Brody asks if they’ve asked her back. She says not yet. He says he knows how much she loves it there. She says she also loves being with him. She wonders if it’s possible. She says “your past, my illness.” He tells her he can live with it, but she says it’s hard. She also tells him some of the stuff he’s done scares her.

Brody tells her it could all end in tears and she says “or we might make it” and they kiss. And then it starts to get hotter and heavier, while Quinn watches through his scope. He sees them undressing. He stops watching through the scope at that point and packs up his scope. He sits on the porch of the cabin across the lake he’s using and waits it out.

Next morning, Carrie awakes and gets up – Brody says “don’t leave” and she says she’ll be back with croissants. He laughs and tells her to get out of there and get his food. She hops in the car and takes off for town. Uh-oh. Brody walks out after she leaves and goes for a walk in the woods. He stops by the lake and unfolds his prayer mat and prepares to pray Muslim still in the direction of Mecca.

Quinn sneaks up on him with a rifle. Brody prays to the sparkling morning water. Quinn raises his gun and puts his finger on the trigger. Carrie gets back to the cabin and there’s no Brody there. She calls to him and searches each room. She heads outside and finds him on the porch putting on his shoes. What? Quinn broke ranks and didn’t pull the trigger!

Carrie tells Brody she was thinking about them as a couple on the drive. He tells her that he’s in, but it’s up to her. She says she wishes she could have both him and the job. He tells her it’s up to her – that he’ll understand whatever she chooses. She says she’s going to her sister for the night. He tells her they could be happy and she says “Imagine that.”

Estes comes home to his darkened house to find Quinn waiting in the corner of his bedroom. Estes asks Quinn if it’s done and he tells him no. Quinn tells him the Vice President is dead and Brody’s resigning, so there’s no threat to the nation. Estes asks if he’s an analyst. Quinn says no, he’s a guy who kills bad guys. He tells Estes that Brody’s information was good and caught Nazir because of him.

Quinn tells Estes that Carrie’s their best intelligence officer and killing him would kill her. He says that killing Brody would only serve Estes. He says Estes has already wrecked Carrie once and he’s not helping him hurt her again. Estes says fine and implies he’ll get someone else to take care of it. Quinn tells him if anything happens to Brody, he’ll be back in the chair in his bedroom, because he’s a guy who kills bad guys.

Brody calls Jessica and tells her there’s a memorial for Walden. She says she can’t go with him and he clarifies that he wasn’t inviting her, that he just needs to come get his suit. He asks about the kids and she says Chris isn’t eating much and Dana’s getting by.

Brody comes into a pool hall and shares a head nod with Mike. Brody buys them beers. Mike wants to know if it’s a peace negotiation and Brody tells him he’s not at war with him. Mike says good. Brody tells him he and Jess have split. He tells him it’s best for everyone. He thanks Mike for taking care of them for the eight years he was gone and last week at the safe house.

Brody tells them he can keep taking care of them if he wants to, because he can’t right now. Mike says it wasn’t supposed to go like this and Brody agrees. Brody pays for the beers, pats Mike on the back, says thanks and leaves. Mike is in shock and drops the F bomb.

Estes comes in and tells Saul he can go. Saul asks if he killed Brody and Estes says he called it off – decided Saul was right. Estes said he just needed to cool off for a few days and tells him the report on Saul is being redacted. He tells him he’s cutting an old guy a break. Saul’s still pissed off.

At his house, Brody sees Jessica’s been packing up all of his stuff. He sees none of his clothes are left in the closes. Dana walks in as he’s changing. He asked why she’s not at Chris’ soccer game. She said she wanted to stay there. He asks how she’s doing and she says bad. He tells her he’s going to Walden’s memorial. She wants to know if Ben will be there and he says yes.

She asks him if he remembers the day Carrie came to the house. Dana recalls that Carrie said there was a bomb and that he wanted to hurt people. He tells her he doesn’t want to lie to her and she says simple – then don’t. She asks if he was really going to do those things and he says he didn’t and now he wouldn’t.

He tells her he was screwed up and that was why he hurt them and Jessica. She says you don’t know anyone and Brody tells her “you know me.” She walks away, sad and hurt.

At the office, Carrie comes in and she and Saul share a hug. He’s in a suit and tells her he’s overseeing Nazir’s disposal. She asks if it will be at sea and he says that’s the trend. He asks her along and she says she’s going with Brody to the memorial for Walden.

Saul tells her he’s working on getting her to be station chief – the youngest ever. He asks why she doesn’t look thrilled. She says she has to think about it.

Saul wants to know what she needs to think about. She reminds him about her illness and she says she needs a more balanced life. He asked her what’s changed, then ask if it’s Brody. She tells him her eyes are open – that he’s always told them the truth.

He reminds her he’s the guy who put on a suicide vest. She says it’s complicated and he says it’s crystal clear. He tells her she can’t be with Brody and she can’t pick him over them. He asks if she’d rather have the job or a terrorist in her bed. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone like him. He tells her she’s the “smartest and the dumbest f-ing person he’s ever known.” She stalks away.

At the memorial, Brody heads in and Walden’s wife Cynthia approaches him tearfully and tells him she’s loaded up on Xanax. He asks if she needs an escort to her seat and takes her in on his arm. Carrie’s already there and sees him from across the room. Brody shakes hands with Finn who asks him to tell Dana he said hi. Brody asks if they need anything and they say it’s okay. He and Estes shake hands and swap a polite greeting. He sits across the room from Carrie, but they share a look.

Saul’s choppered on to the boat where they have Nazir’s body. They have a Muslim cleric there saying prayers as they clean his body and wrap him up in a sheet. Saul looks on.

Back to Walden’s memorial and Estes is eulogizing him reverently. Estes lists all of Walden’s accomplishments with the CIA – including the drone program, capturing Bin Ladin and the tools to take out Nazir. The crowd applauds loudly and Carrie walks out. Brody follows. They meet in the elevator. They get off at a floor and she’s smiling. She tells him she wants to be with him. She kisses him.

Back on the navy ship, the prayers are done. Back at the memorial, the speech is done.

Brody asks Carrie what made her change her mind and she says you did. She asks why he looks sad and he says he’s not – it’s just the opposite. Brody looks out the window and notices that someone has moved his car. She says “oh f—k” just as the car explodes. It takes out Estes and bursts into the crowd at the memorial.

Back on the boat, Nazir’s slid into the sea.

Back at the memorial, the CIA building is rubble. Even Carrie and Brody were knocked out in the upper story where they were. She comes to, but Brody doesn’t look so good. She loads her gun and aims it at him. She tells him not to move. She tells him to shut up. She looks at the wreckage and tells him to shut up. Brody tells her he didn’t do it. She said it was in his car and he says he didn’t know. She says she doesn’t believe him.

He stands up and tells her to shoot him if she needs to. He tells her it was Nazir – that it had to be. Brody says he played them all. She wants to know how since he died. Brody says him dying allowed them to lower his guard. He tells her Nazir was always targeting the CIA, so it makes sense.

She slumps to the floor and he asks if she’s okay. He gets her to let go of the gun and she bawls. He tells her again it wasn’t him then tells her again. She tells him they have to go – that no one will believe him. They head down the hall and open a door, but it’s full of fire. They head for another.

Brody’s family is watching the news of the explosion. Mike and Jessica are trying to get through on the phone lines, but they’re down. Dana sees feds coming in to the house. They want to search. Mike asks for a warrant and they tell him to move or they’ll move him. They all watch the TV in shock as the feds come in the house.

At a storage facility, Carrie tells Brody she’s activating her insurance policy. She tells him their escape plan to get across the border and into international waters. She’s got passports, cash and all kind of fake papers. They load up her go bag and head out.

Saul heads back to Langley and sees the carnage and emergency vehicles everywhere. The scene manager tells him they’ll be pulling out bodies for days – 200 dead, 27 survivors – all at the hospital. He wants to see the list of names.

Saul notes that he doesn’t see Carrie’s name on the list. She and Brody are both presumed dead. The scene manager tells Saul that the bomb was in Brody’s car. She tells him forensics will fill him in and then he’s got to report to the president – he’s the ranking CIA officer now!

Saul asks for a moment and calls Carrie’s cell. He leaves her a message and tells her he’s looking for her. He asks her to call him back. Saul looks lost.

Carrie and Brody are on the road and stop to see the guy who makes documents.  see the guy who makes documents.

The End!