Is Harry Styles Of One Direction The New Mick Jagger (Photo)?

Is Harry Styles Of One Direction The New Mick Jagger?

People are saying how Harry Styles from One Direction looks extremely similar to Mick Jagger in his younger years; personally I just don’t see it, maybe their hair is slightly similar but nothing much else. Their faces are nothing alike, it’s easy to tell the difference and people are now even going so far as to say they have the same style.  Sounds like more Simon Cowell bullshit doesn’t it?

No doubt that Simon picked Harry for no other reason than his resemblance to Mick.  Of course with plastic surgery perhaps Simon can help mold Harry into exactly what he needs… just give Simon a little time.

I personally see this as nothing but an insult to the legendary rocker Mick Jagger, what is it that Harry has done that could even slightly compare to him? Nothing, that’s what, the little boy in his ‘cute’ little boy band is pretty much going in one direction – and that direction is commercial crap.

Harry leads One Direction into all that they will ever be – another transitory phase in the music business – and we emphasis the word BUSINESS. I don’t see One Direction in any way becoming anything more, how could they be – they are a commercial construct – their PR people are just over-hyping them.

Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones are almost as important as The Beatles in the history of popular music. Mick Jagger has written a countless number of songs that people love and listen to still today, he also actually sings with his real vocals using his raw talent. One Direction without a doubt uses auto tune, all “great” artists of today use it; It’s embarrassing suggesting that Harry could even be anything like Jagger, he will never be a legend or an icon to be remembered for years to come.


7 responses to “Is Harry Styles Of One Direction The New Mick Jagger (Photo)?”

  1. Sapphirenaty28 says:

    one direction does not use auto tune get your facts straight before dissing them and no they didn’t become famous by their PR it happened naturally. Thank you very much

  2. Rick Shelly says:

    Wrong about the auto tune…all the guys in One Direction can actually sing.

  3. E Marquezmodel says:

    I didn’t even know who mick jagger was before this. You seem to be an old fart. get your shit straight, Harry Styles is legend.

  4. Missym877 says:

    Wow seems to me someone has been sipping a bit too much of that haterade. Calm your tits babe, when people compare Harry to Mick they aren’t saying comparing their vocal talent, Harry does physically resemble Mick in some ways, and a lot of people can see the physical resemblance. So before you get your panties in a bunch why don’t you work on conducting better research and journalism. One more thing, I’m not a huge One Direction fan, but these boys are incredibly talented, and have amazing voices and harmony. So what if they are a boy band, I mean they are teenaged boys, why wouldn’t they be in a boy band, but these boys have enough vocal talent and enough loyal true fans to make something happen of a solo career. PR had nothing to do with their rise of fame, it had everything to do with them having natural vocal talent and looks to attract the masses. Hold on to your little pathetic seat and sit back and enjoy the show because these boys, especially Harry, WON’T be going anywhere. 

  5. maxii says:

    It’s not like anyone is comparing Harry’s talent and ability to Jagger…Just his looks. and with all the girl attention Harry is getting, the comparisons are anything but an insult to Mick. Obviously nothing compares to Mick Jagger’s ability and The Rolling Stones (They are legends). But don’t put Harry and One Direction down just because other people compare their looks to an icon.

  6. Thecluelesscreator says:

    so true. its just a proof tht the standard of music has taken a tumble. so while they are entertaining its just that. they arent really talented except that they do sing well, the rest is just put together by a talented PR team.

  7. Amanda says:

    Omg I would kill the idiot who wrote this stupid article. Harry styles will be even bigger and better than that other individual so stfu