Is Kristen Stewart Lying About Having Sex With Rupert Sanders? (Photos)

Is Kristen Stewart Lying About Having Sex With Rupert Sanders? (Photos) 0928

Kristen Stewart has been living it up in the City of Love the last couple of days basking in the glow of having her man and her career back. But did Kristen tell Robert Pattinson a few little white lies to keep their reconciliation going strong?

It depends on who you talk to. Radar Online reports that Kristen and Rupert Sanders have been adamant that they never slept with each other and only engaged in a few heavy petting sessions. Does anyone other than Rob believe them?

“Kristen and Rupert both told their respective partners that they didn’t actually have sex,” a source said. “Kristen was absolutely steadfast that she only engaged in several make-out sessions with Rupert but never slept with him. Rob didn’t believe her in the beginning but as time wore on he accepted her explanation. Kristen has given Rob passwords to her voicemail and e-mail account to prove she has nothing to hide and will do anything to get his trust back. There are still a lot of raw emotions there and time will tell if Rob and Kristen stay together. Rob and Kristen will be promoting the final Twilight movie and it will be very interesting to see what happens after that.”

Can we point out the first lie? The source says “several make-out sessionsso whatever happened to that “this momentary indiscretion” she sobbed about in her apology letter? If she lied once, doesn’t Rob know she could lie again? But he loves her and ultimately wants her back so he’s going to believe her until she f-cks up again. Fine. I get it.

Although last night in Paris she was obviously sending a message that she was on the straight and narrow. She dined at  La Fidélité  restaurant which translates to fidelity in English. While the cat’s away the mouse is definitely not playing, right Kristen? Was the restaurant name a coincidence? I’m thinking no. Do you know how many amazing restaurants there are in Paris? Why that one? I’m sure the food was great but that smirk Kristen was wearing earlier in the day was telling. She’s got her sense of humor back. I appreciate anyone who can poke fun at themselves. Still, do you think her relationship with Rob is a little too raw for such theatrics? Do you think reminding Rob and the world of her dry hump session is the way to move on? Is Kristen Stewart lying to Rob?


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  • jun

    Let’s just solve this fiasco once and for all. Go back to
    the scene of the crime, which is the snow white movie. Between Rupert and
    Kristen basically they both just made an alliance with of course a little sex
    on the side so they won’t get bored. This is actually for the movie snow white
    part two and maybe more. So they both thought it’s the next huge film and they
    are both on it. You can tell from their snow white promo interviews that they both
    (Kristen and Rupert) telling everyone that Kristen is like in prison doing the
    movie twilight BD,and snow white will
    set her free from her twilight character. So it’s just business for this two
    deceitful people, Its elementary my dear
    Watson! Then KARMA hits them because they got over confident or their heads got
    bigger (or too horny?) they did their meetings with oral sex on the side of course
    in exchange for acting lessons from Rupert, on broad day light! Very bad bone
    head judgment. Now Kristen has to go back to F***n Robert again to save her
    face and twilight that made her career (head) big in the first place. Lesson
    learned don’t mix business with sex not unless you’re a prostitute it’s okay.
    Could have been a homerun for both Rupsten! The Director and the Actress could
    have been good partnership in Hollywood or better yet maybe they really are in
    love? That’s probably the only hush hush they can keep for themselves. God

  • Beatrice

    Have some respect for those young please, this is unheard of, that they solve them alone, who cares? any of you would like to see them so in their privacy metieran. You sir would like this site? I doubt it, think about the people you love to do this. Your so-called free press does not authorize this, it is disgusting, dishonest, disgusting, use the power it has to something more useful and allow people to access your site think of respecting others. .

  • do

    Gossip ragmags really…all of you suck! You have no sources….Radaronline is owned by Star Mag..if that doesn’t tell you anything..nothing will…no one is giving you any info..all manufactured..”cooked up”